Adidas designed a pair of Stan Smith sneakers that could be perfect for Star wars fan in your life who also pulls double duty as a hypebeast. The Yoda version of the Stan Smith sneakers, Forever features a design inspired by the famous green alien, with quotes and artwork. Adidas says the shoes will go on sale soon after Star wars Full day, May 5, for $ 120.

The Stan Smith, Forever line is named after American tennis player Stan Smith, with “Forever” for the shoe’s ecological crease due to its use of the “Primegreen” fabric. Adidas claims that Primegreen is made from 50% recycled material. The Yoda version is also green in another way, of course. The back heels of the shoes have Yoda’s face embossed in a green fabric, and the tongues of both shoes feature illustrations: on one, Yoda, and on the other, Stan Smith himself.

There’s Yoda, judging you for judging those Yoda sneakers.
Image: Adidas

Here it is.
Image: Adidas

Adidas didn’t really dig deep for the quote printed on both shoes: together they read “Do or don’t, there’s no trying.” But it’s sneaky when you think about it: it’s a way to pick up on Nike’s famous “Just do it” slogan by using the Star wars version.

The iconic and inspirational Yoda quote printed on Adidas’ new sneakers. Also note Stan Smith on the tongue.
Image: Adidas

Kind of weird thing about making a Yoda themed shoe: Yoda doesn’t wear shoes. In every appearance in the film series or Clone wars animated television series, Yoda is either barefoot or her coat covers her feet. The guy is clearly not a sneakerhead.

Yoda runs the affairs of the Jedi Council, clearly without shoes.
Picture: Wookiepedia

The same can be said for Yaddle, who – aside from Grogu / Baby Yoda – is the only other known member of Yoda’s species. She also enjoys her unconstrained three-toed feet.

Yaddle, aside from always looking incredibly cold, also despises shoes and everything they stand for.
Picture: Wookiepedia

Is the disgust for foot covers something specific to Yoda’s mysterious alien species? Many other non-human Jedi wear shoes. Could this possibly be because Yoda has thick, leathery Hobbit-like feet? Some Star wars Fans speculated in 2003 that the Yoda species might have the same tough soles that JRR Tolkien gave his hobbits. Feet strong enough not to need shoes. I certainly see how their argument makes sense.

Regardless of the truth, there is an unspoken tension that comes from the fact that Adidas chooses to make shoes based on an alien who clearly despises shoes, and this isn’t the first time it’s done. Adidas also made shoes based on Baby Yoda, a character, you may remember, who spent much of The Mandalorian with his feet never touching the ground, thanks to a planing crib. Where does it end, Adidas?

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