House of the Dragon is recruiting new actors! The Witcher season 2 has a trailer! The Lord of the Rings is dangerous (maybe)! Lots to say this week:

Here at WiC Weekly, we recap the weekly and weekly activities of WiC… weekly. Shall we start?

First of all, we got some new casting information on Dragon house, and it’s extremely interesting:

king slayer author Patrick Rothfuss talks about the next anniversary edition of his book The fear of the wise… while telling us almost nothing new about Stone doors:

There is a reason why George RR Martin takes so long to write his Song of Ice and Fire books: they are packed up to the brim with interconnected details.

Supernatural veteran Jensen Ackles appears to be taking up his new job The boys very seriously:

Dragon house is a prequel to Game of thrones, it can therefore use old Game of thrones Locations. Or it’s just a drafty castle: you decide.

How it goes on the set of fabulously expensive Amazon the Lord of the Rings series? It depends on who you ask:

Once upon a time, Zack Snyder threw a Star wars film at Lucasfilm, but that didn’t end up happening. What should a director do? Good…

The witcher season 2 is coming! And he brought a friend:

It is very rare that you see someone involved in Star wars tell you to do not but merch, but there is always this exception:

Coming back to that first piece of Dragon house news, let’s appreciate how HBO’s casting service has done a good job of matching new actors to their older counterparts:

See you around WiC!

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