In Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings, the hobbits are not fully corrupted by the One Ring of Sauron, and there are several reasons for this.

The Hobbits of Middle-earth in Tolkien The Lord of the Rings are incredibly resistant to being completely corrupted by the One Ring of Sauron, but why is that? The unique ring is an essential part of The Lord of the Rings‘tradition. Not only is it immensely powerful, but it also has a major impact on those who wear it.

Throughout the story of The Lord of the Rings, Frodo, Samwise, Merry and Pippin all display higher than average resistance at the Ring, especially the first two. Although Frodo is initially worn out towards the end of the final film, throughout the trilogy there is a feeling that the Hobbits can trust the Ring, while others cannot. In the movies, there is little to no reasoning given for this resistance to corruption conferred by the Ring, but there is actually an explanation.

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The main reason that Hobbits are more resistant to the Ring is because they don’t have a thirst for power, a lust for glory, or a desire to rule over others. The Hobbits’ love of their simple lives means that the power of the Ring does not exacerbate any hidden desires like those who corrupt Boromir’s heart at Emyn Muil on the western banks of the Anduin River. However, there are other reasons why hobbits like Frodo and Samwise don’t get corrupted as easily as someone like Sméagol.

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Much of the reason the Hobbits can resist the Ring’s power so strongly is that they were not part of Sauron’s original conquest plans. The Dark Lord viewed Hobbits as inferior, and this was not a race he was trying to convert with his corrupted power because he saw nothing exceptional or exceptional about them. Indeed, it would seem that only Gandalf really sees the potential of hobbits. Sméagol was of a slightly different race from the Hobbits themselves, which would explain both his susceptibility to Ring corruption and his subsequent invisibility when setting up the Ring.

Many other characters from The Lord of the Rings have their own secret agendas and desires, thanks to which the Ring is able to corrupt them. For example, Boromir wanted to use it to destroy Sauron, Sméagol wanted it as a possession which later manifests by calling the Ring his “precious”, while Bilbo craves adventure. However, for the duration of the story, Frodo does not seem to have any food cravings. He’s selfless, pure at heart, and just plain good hobbit, much like Samwise. The only reason Samwise discusses returning the Ring to Frodo before traveling to Mordor is that he can see him consume it, just like Sméagol.

Both Aragorn and Gandalf also recognize their own susceptibility to the Ring’s corruption. While still in the Shire, Gandalf lashes out and tells Frodo not to tempt him with the Ring, while Aragorn refuses him when Frodo freely offers it to him on Amon Hen and Emyn Muil. Both were wise enough to know that the Ring would attempt to subvert even their best intentions, as it did with Boromir and Isildur before them. What about Samwise, however? As a hobbit, Samwise had no desire to wear the Ring to destroy it and likely would have buried it until he found his way to someone more corruptible than him. Ultimately for the tale of The Lord of the Rings, Frodo was the only one with a pure heart, strong will and determined enough to resist Sauron’s corruption by wearing the Ring to Mount Doom.

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