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The last episode of Easttown mare engaged viewers around the world and not just because of the final plot twist that solved the murder of a teenage mother.

Kate Winslet on the Mare of Easttown case.Credit:HBO

It was also Winslet’s disguised portrayal of what she called a “wildly flawed, messy, broken, fragmented and difficult woman.”

As far away from Hollywood glamor as possible, Mare is a divorced grandmother who mourns the death of her son and balances a grueling relationship with her mother, daughter and ex-husband.

She wears unflattering jeans, flannel and cheap t-shirts, vapes, eats like a teenager, runs after a suspect, has what she expects to be a one-night stand with someone ‘she meets at a bar (albeit a dashing creative writing speaker played by Guy Pearce) and pushes the ethical boundaries in a custody case.

Winslet pushed to reveal all of Mare’s flaws. When director Craig Zobel assured her he would cut “a big belly” in a sex scene with Pearce, she said The New York Times his response was “don’t you dare!” “

Winslet returned the show’s promotional poster twice because it had been touched up to remove the lines around her eyes, dropped her character’s clothes into a crumpled pile on the floor of her trailer overnight, left her sun spots and skin blemishes on the screen and rode an exercise bike. her thighs look more muscular.

“I look a lot more like Mare Sheehan than any character I’ve ever played in a period movie,” Winslet said. “News flash: I don’t live like these people. I live a lot more like Mare.

Why is this important?

Winslet is far from the first glamorous Hollywood actress to abandon all notion of vanity for a role.

Charlize Theron won an Oscar for turning into a desperate sex worker and serial killer in Monster (2003). Cate Blanchett played a former heroin addict in Little fish (2005). Nicole Kidman was a drunken corrupt cop with bad skin, mouse hair and dead eyes, in Destructive (2018).

And serious British and European investigators have long solved crimes on shows such as Main suspect, The bridge and The slaughter.

But Winslet brought a refreshing reality to a successful American series. She said as she gets older she’s increasingly determined to show people for who they are rather than the artificial perfection of life and women’s looks on social media.

“I’m much more focused on playing characters who honor real levels of truth,” she said. “Not just the emotions, but what they look like.”

Winslet also insisted that everyone had the same trailer on set and spoke out against “the money that is wasted on colossal jackpots: flying journalists, actors, glam crews all over the world.” to promote films when it could be spent making more independent films “or building fucking classrooms.”

Winslet's breakout role as Rose in Titanic.

Winslet’s breakout role as Rose in Titanic.Credit:PA

She also plans to re-dress outfits for prize giveaways because of the waste, saying, “I don’t like having to squeeze my hot and deranged body at random at school in a red carpet dress that I ‘I will never wear again ”.

The success of Easttown mare shows that the level of reality pays off. May this continue for a long time.

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