If only I could enjoy The Lord of the Rings games as much as I love the movies …

There have been countless movies that have turned into games now. From James Bond to almost every superhero movie, tons of them have turned into video games, and a lot of them would have been awesome games too. Yet I can never fit into just one. Even Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which so many people have become obsessed with because it’s “so awesome,” I just couldn’t comply. I played for a maximum of five hours and will probably never pick it up again.

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For a lot of these games, I tried to argue that it was probably just a coincidence; my favorite games are fantastic RPGs after all, and most of the movie-based games I’ve played aren’t in the genre. But I’ll always have The Lord of the Rings PS2 Trilogy on my mind.

The Lord of the Rings PS2 Trilogy was great games by most standards, including mine. I enjoyed trying to work my way into “Perfect Mode” to try and get as many Perfect Kills as possible at the end of each level, and I also loved using the bow. Some levels were scary, but fun, like the one in which you have to stay away from the light as much as possible or else the Nazgûl riding the beast Fell will kill you. It was all great, but I was constantly bothered and wished the game I was playing had the same mechanics but was not The Lord of the Rings.

Trying to figure out what my problem is has been extremely frustrating. I feel like I always miss out on great games that other people are really into, and I’m missing some kind of magic that everyone experiences.

At the end of the day, I’m just a snobbish gamer in this way.

What’s interesting is that I don’t mind the gaps between books, movies, and TV shows, with a few exceptions (looking at you, Game of Thrones and Eragon). I’ve never had a problem with the differences between these mediums, it’s only when it’s between two visual mediums that I can’t get past it. When you read a book, you have a vaguer idea in your mind of what the characters look or look like and a distant picture of the surroundings. Because these images are so indistinct, I generally don’t feel betrayed when I see the characters come to life onscreen (with another exception of the entire cast of Twilight).

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But show me a slightly quirky version of Legolas appearing in scenes where he’s not supposed to, after experiencing the masterpiece that is The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy? Forget it. If I’ve ever gotten a perfect visual representation of the characters and places I love, anything that comes after that and tries to do the same thing in a different way just seems wrong to me. I would go so far as to say that I experienced some sort of creepy, weird feeling while playing games based on movies or shows, and that uncomfortable experience is one that I generally avoid when I can.

I even deliberately avoided seeing a Resident Evil movie, just to make sure it never ruins the video game series for me. It’s more than likely the other way around, since I played the games first, but God forbid I do anything to risk taking full advantage of Village when it releases in May.

In the end, this is probably more of a “me problem” than a widely known phenomenon. That said, there must be others out there somewhere like me, and for you – I’m sorry you can’t be part of the same hype.

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