Why allow them to risk disturbing the Balrog? Because the Dwarves are some of the most stubborn people in the entire Lord of the Rings franchise.

The Balrog wreaked havoc on the Brotherhood as the group passed through the dwarf kingdom of Moria in the first the Lord of the Rings movie, but why was it unearthed in the first place? As Saruman clarifies Gandalf’s reluctance when the group comes on the way: “Moria … You are afraid to go to these mines. The Dwarves have searched too greedily and too deeply. You know what they woke up in the darkness of Khazad-Dum … shadow and flame.“The destruction caused by that shadow and flame of which he speaks could have been avoided if only someone had stopped the greed of the Dwarves.” So why didn’t they do it?

The Dwarves of Middle-earth are characterized primarily by their pride, ambition, and propensity for mining and crafting. Each of them worked to their detriment in the case of Moria, the kingdom of Khazad-Dum – the largest kingdom ever built by the Dwarves. Indeed, Gimli notices his prosperous and impenetrable quality on the arrival of the party. But in the many years leading up to the Brotherhood’s journey, the kingdom was destroyed by greed, as the Dwarves mined mithril so deeply that they awoke an unnamed terror. This creature decimated their numbers and killed King Durin VI, earning himself the title of “Durin’s Bane” and awaiting Gandalf and his company.

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If the Elves or the Realms of Men had had clairvoyance, they could have prevented the disaster that extinguished the once successful Dwarf Realm. At the very least, they could have nipped the Balrog issue in the bud, long before the mines of Moria were overrun by Orcs who worshiped the creature as a deity, posing an existential threat to the Brotherhood of Ages. later. But even though Durin’s people have warned, there remains one problem: Dwarves are notorious for their stubbornness.

Balrog and Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings

Save me from the stubbornness of the dwarves!“Gandalf remarks in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012), illustrating one of the fundamental flaws in the treatment of Durin’s people. In fact, the whole Hobbit The film trilogy serves to demonstrate the problem of why no one stopped the Dwarves. Even if warnings had been issued, it would signify an affront to the Dwarves’ way of life to suggest that they restrict their mining. It is difficult to imagine that such an approach would be successful.

If there was any chance to prevent the Dwarves from their own greed, a lot of trouble could have been avoided. Moria may still have been a prosperous kingdom when the Brotherhood arrived, and neither the Orcs nor the Balrog would have had the opportunity to make the caves beneath the Misty Mountains their stronghold. But because of the basic greed of the Dwarves and the inability of political figures in Middle-earth to work adequately for the betterment of their collective peoples, lives have been lost and evil has risen. These are the tensions at the heart of The Lord of the Rings. After all, what would a story as timeless as Tolkien’s be without conflict?

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