Lord of the Rings hobbits aren’t as easily manipulated or corrupted by the Ring, but why?

JRR Tolkien has created some of the most magical and inspiring works of fiction ever known to man, full of history and rich traditions. The Lord of the Rings is perhaps his greatest work and spawned a film trilogy so popular that his legacy will last for decades and continue to live on through the following trilogy of The Hobbit, as well as the upcoming Amazon Lord of the Rings series. In the story, the character Frodo Baggins of The Shire is tasked with transporting the One Ring through Middle-earth to be destroyed in the Mount Doom fires. The Ring possesses the power to corrupt and control the minds of all around it, so why are Hobbits so resilient?

Although they look like humans in appearance, hobbits are about half the height of the average person, which is why they are called halflings. Where man would be more preoccupied with power and creation, hobbits are simple people who tend their lands while being barefoot, perhaps to show how great this fictional race of humanity is. linked to nature. Even their homes are one with nature, as they are usually built into the hillside so as not to disturb the earth, known as the hobbit hole. Hobbits love nature, food and drink, and good company. Their love of nature extends to their wardrobes, as they are usually dressed in earth tones like green or yellow.

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On the other hand, the race of mankind in Tolkien’s story The Lord of the Rings the universe is very different. The human race is concerned with power and domination. Where hobbits like comfort, humanity is much more complex. Some choose to seek ultimate power, some are manipulative thieves, and others are kinder and more caring. The Ring promises men whatever they want, to have whatever they want and to be able to control others. With the Ring, the human who wears it will be feared by all, and no harm will befall them. But the Ring is both evil and addicting, and once it grabs someone, it never lets go.

Sauron’s life force has been linked with the Ring and therefore has “a will of its own” and will try to draw closer to evil and Mordor at all times. The Ring will use the desires of the wearer to better control them. Since man desires great power, the Ring can use that desire to make man do what he wants. In order to resist the will of the Ring, the spirit of the person holding it must be very strong. Because the Ring feels no threat and doesn’t find remarkable hobbits, there isn’t as much of the Ring’s pull on hobbits. This is not to say that the Ring has no effect on hobbits.

If worn on a mortal or more specifically on a person of the human race, the Ring would physically and mentally corrupt whoever wears it, much like what happened with the Nine Rings which turned men into spectra. The more the ring is worn, the more it pulls on the wearer. While Hobbits are much less concerned with power, they can still be corrupted if they wear the Ring too often. The creature Gollum had the Ring for about 500 years before relinquishing it, and although this physically changed him, he still maintained some control over himself as he didn’t wear the Ring very often. Bilbo also appeared to be slightly mentally corrupt, and at one point even seemed to change physically, but he was able to stay good.

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The Ring feeds the desires of the wearer. Sauron had the will to dominate all life, and the Ring enabled him to do so. If the man wears it, the Ring will take the desire for power that they already have and amplify it. Hobbits are simple creatures and don’t want much, so there’s nothing to use for the Ring against a Hobbit. Frodo is the most corrupt hobbit next to Gollum and Bilbo, which is why he is unable to throw the Ring into the fire. But even Frodo remained good in his essence. One could also argue that Gollum still had hobbit traces in him as he was able to briefly regain control and look good, something a man (like specters) would never be able to do.

Hobbits may be the only creatures The Lord of the Rings who can oppose the power of the Ring because of their love of all that is good and simple. Even elves or wizards are not able to fully resist the pull of power or evil. Due to their intense love of the land, the Ring does not view the Hobbits as a threat, which is why they were able to be skipped and complete the quest.

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