Of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, possibly the most beloved character in history that many claim to be their favorite would be Samwise Gamgee. It’s hard to find fault with anything to complain about when it comes to Sam – he is a loyal friend, simple, pure at heart, and supportive of nature. Not to mention that his bravery surpasses other Hobbits, with the possible exception of Frodo (sometimes). And without Sam’s love and protection of Frodo, the quest to destroy the Ring could have ended in tragedy.

Sam played a crucial role in the quest for The Lord of the Rings, that many wonder what would happen if he were the ring bearer instead of Frodo Baggins. Sam has a strong desire for the simple things in life, but he continues his quest with Frodo, even though he could have turned back at Rivendale, not for personal gain, but for the sake of others and out of kindness. from his heart. Sam is quoted in The Fellowship of the Ring book, saying he knows the road he and The Fellowship will take will be dangerous, long, and dark, but he still won’t turn around. He said, “It’s not to see Elves now, or dragons, or mountains, that I want – I don’t know exactly what I want: but I have something to do before the end, and it’s in front, not in the county. ”

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It shows how Sam can sense the importance of his role in the quest and won’t let anyone or anything stop him or send him home. Although he loves his house and the ones he left behind, Sam is moving forward anyway. Due to his strong desire to do good to others, could he have worn the Ring as the sole bearer of the Ring? Although Frodo is the protagonist of the story, Sam is the hero of the story. Viewers even end the film trilogy with Sam when he finally returns home, much like a war hero finally coming home.


Tolkien’s story and the life that surrounded him was Britain in the 20th century, when there was a society divided into classes. Sam can be seen as the third or “working class” where Frodo is richer, possibly upper middle class. Sam is Frodo’s gardener, but also a servant of other needs. This is why he calls Frodo “Mr.” The relations between the middle class families and their “servants” (for lack of a better word) who were working class were very strong and rooted in love and friendship. This is why Sam has such a great love for Frodo, and he for Sam too.

In The king’s return, Sam wears the Ring after believing that Frodo died at the hands or legs of the giant spider Shelob. He is only in possession of the Ring for what seems like an hour or two, but when Frodo tells him to return the Ring to him, Sam finds it difficult to put it back, but only briefly, and it was than in the movies. He gave up on the Ring with little more than a thought, which means the Ring might not have much of an influence on Sam. Sam never put the Ring on in the movies, but in the books he actually wore the Ring for two days, even putting it several times to hide from the Orcs.

He was able to avoid being spotted in Mordor, for even though the Eye of Mordor “sought out, tried to pierce the shadows he had created in his own defense,” those shadows “now hampered him in his worry and concern. doubt”. At one point, Sam even put the ring on for no apparent reason, but as soon as he did, he found the energy to continue and took it off again. This shows how even if Sam wore the Ring every now and then, he would be able to resist the temptation of the power or prosperity that it offered.

Pippin, Merry, Frodo and Sam in The Lord of the Rings

When Sam carried the Ring, Sauron tried to tempt him with visions of a large and beautiful garden all to himself, but Sam resisted. It’s incredibly sweet and innocent that of all the things to be tempted with, this was a garden that Sauron had the best luck with trying to seduce Sam. After Sam took the Ring from Frodo as he thought that he was dead, Sam intended to complete the mission on his own. Although Sam briefly considers keeping the Ring before returning it to Frodo in The king’s return film, in the book, he gives it up quickly and easily. Of the Guardians of the Ring, only Sam and Bilbo ever willingly gave up on him, although Bilbo struggled to give up on him a bit. When Frodo goes to throw the Ring into the fire, he claims the Ring for himself. It was only by chance (since they spared Gollum’s life) that the Ring was destroyed.

If Sam had worn the Ring, then based on what is in the books, he could have resisted the temptation offered by the Ring and thrown the Ring into the fire with little to no hesitation. Frodo’s struggle with the Ring’s temptation makes The Lord of the Rings more compelling story, but Sam could have been a better ring bearer.

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