the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks gathered last night on Sunday Night Football. Of The near return of Cam Newton at the choice of the Patriots to go at the well again on the end game, there were a lot of strikes across the NFL on Sunday morning.

Here is a recap of some of the domestic reactions after Sunday’s game.

Bill Barnwell, ESPN

Kurt Warner, NFL Network

Henry McKenna, Fil des Pariotes

Ben Volin, Boston Globe

“I don’t blame Josh McDaniels for the final playcall. Cam Newton is your best runner on the goal line and you put the ball in his hands. This formation scored two touchdowns earlier in the game, one on a run from Newton and the other on a pass to Jakob Johnson.

Tony Massarotti, 98.5 The sports center

Kevin Clark, the ringer

Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

“There was a lot of good in this for New England. After playing the attacking style they did in Week 1, the obvious question for the Patriots was how they would play from behind. They answered that one quite categorically on Sunday, even though they were a yard short. “

Peter King, NBC Sports

“There is something else, something as important as the garish numbers. We all talk about what an athletic Wilson gumby is, but he gets hammered too. The Patriots had a good plan for him: wrap him up, don’t let him slip too much, don’t let him beat us with his feet. He had rushers in his face on Sunday night.

Stephen A. Smith, ESPN

Charles Robinson, Yahoo Sports

Zack Cox,

Matt Chatham, NESN

Mike Reiss, ESPN

“Deep bullet. Deep issues. Patriots coach Bill Belichick has said Wilson is the NFL’s best deep-ball pitcher, and that’s what ultimately sank his team despite a valiant comeback offer. How rare was that for the Patriots high school? Consider that opposing receivers have scored four touchdowns against the Patriots in the 2019 season. Wilson had four in the game on Sunday night – and five touchdowns in total. Wilson’s five touchdowns are tied for most against the Belichick Patriots, the Saints’ Drew Brees threw five in 2009. ”

Rodger Sherman, The Ringtone

Peter Schrager, NFL Network

Colin Cowherd, Fox Sports 1

Boomer Esiason, CBS Sports

“What actually shocks me is how precise Cam was,” Esiason said. “I’m not saying he was totally perfect. Russell Wilson was almost totally perfect. He’s on his way to being the NFL’s MVP with his performance the first two weeks. But overall I would say Cam Newton performed admirably – maybe not even admirably, but better than Tom Brady in the first two games.

Bradon Marshall, Fox Sports 1

Nick Wright, Fox Sports 1

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