Harvey fed Jackson many lies during their “relationship.”

Much has changed since Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to prison and the truth about his heinous crimes has emerged. After all, many in Hollywood praised him for his contribution to the film industry, whether or not they knew what he was doing behind the scenes. One major player even called Harvey “God”. Still, there are some who have always been open that they don’t like him or have a lot of beef with him.

But given the immense power and influence he wielded, most tried to be polite and stay on Harvey’s good side. This is certainly the case with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. However, in recent years, Peter has changed his tone …

Harvey Weinstein’s initial involvement with Lord of the Rings

Some may not know that Harvey Weinstein was one of the first people to get their hands on Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the books “The Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien. But given the huge budget, Harvey actually only wanted to make one movie. Not a movie from the first book … A movie from ALL three books. It was a decision that Peter Jackson and his co-writer and partner Fran Walsh were absolutely opposed to.

In an interview with Charlie Rose in 2002, Peter explained that making a three-book movie was guaranteed to fail because it would disappoint fans of the books and ultimately be a rushed movie that the general public would hate. But Harvey had invested money in it and no one else was going to do it for the budget Peter needed.

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In the 2001 interview, Peter made it clear that he sympathized with Harvey’s position even though he completely disagreed with him and believed he would end up destroying The Lord of the Rings. Even still, Peter said that if he had invested $ 20 million in developing the films, he too would want his money back. And making a single movie was the only way to do it. That is until negotiations force Harvey to allow Peter and Fran to buy their scripts from other studios if, and only if, the studio was willing to pay Harvey as well.

This meant that Peter not only had to get another studio to agree to make his films (then two, not three) for their huge budget, but also repay Harvey Weinstein his $ 20 million and retain his executive producer credit.

It was not an easy task … But New Line Cinema mobilized and offered to make the three films … Boy, it was the right decision for them.

As a challenge to a position Harvey put them in, Peter was very polite when speaking about Harvey to the press …

But that changed after the allegations against Harvey came to light.

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Peter has become clear about his actual experience with Harvey

… and that was not good. This is no surprise given Harvey’s terrible reputation for being a bully. But in a 2016 interview with the Academy of Achievement, Peter’s tone in talking about Harvey and his single request for the movie changed dramatically.

“[He said], “You’re going to have to support me here. I supported you. Now you’re going to have to do the right thing and reduce the script to a movie for $ 75 million, “said Peter Jackson. He also said Harvey would absolutely not listen to the negotiations over the making of a single movie. for “The Fellowship of the Ring”.

Peter claimed to have told Harvey that anyone who reads the books would be disappointed with the decision. He then imitated the rather unflattering Harvey, responding, “Well, not many people have read the book!”

“It was like relying on the fact that more people hadn’t read the book and wouldn’t know the crimes we would have committed by reducing it,” Peter explained. “We just wanted to get home, Fran and I. We were just fed up with all of this. Sick of Harvey and all the shenanigans. We just said, ‘We’ll think about it on the flight home. [to New Zealand], Harvey. Good? Just give us a day or two. “”

Turns out Harvey was happy to fire Peter and Fran if they weren’t going to give him what he wanted. But Peter’s agent fired back and finally got the deal mentioned above: Peter and Fran had four weeks to find another studio that would commit to a budget for three films and $ 20 million to pay Harvey back. They understood this, but it was an absolute nightmare to do so.

On top of that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Peter claimed Harvey told him to blacklist Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino, who both allegedly rejected Harvey’s advances. Of course, that wasn’t the reason Harvey gave Peter. He claimed the two actors were ‘a nightmare’ to work with.

“Back then, we had no reason to question what these guys were telling us. But looking back, I realize that it was most likely the Miramax. [Harvey’s former company] smear campaign is in full swing. “

As a direct result of being fed lies from Harvey, Peter removed the two actors from their casting list.

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