September 22, 2022

What do housekeeping services include?

If you’re interested in house cleaning services but aren’t sure what those cleaning services include, you’re in luck. Today, we’re breaking down house cleaning services and exactly what each can include. Remember, though, that different house cleaners offer different services, and some provide more cleaning services than others. So try to choose a cleaning company that can provide all the cleaning services you need, so you can rely on a cleaner you trust to do all the cleaning you need.
house cleaning services

There are many home cleaning services. Choosing the right one guarantees you get the results you want. Many cleaning companies offer several different house cleaning services, but some only offer standard cleaning. Some house cleaning services include:

Regular house cleaning

It’s the cleaning service most of us think of when it comes to cleaning. Typically, a cleaner will come to your home for one to two hours once a week or fortnightly. While in your home, a cleaner may perform a variety of daily cleaning tasks, including:

  • Vacuum without moving the furniture
  • Clean the floors
  • make beds
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Washing up and general cleaning of the kitchen

That’s what a cleaner can do in a two-hour slot in your home. Of course, the cleaning tasks you ask the cleaner can vary from week to week depending on the cleaning tasks you have time to complete. If you don’t have time to clean, stick around because there is another cleaning service that can help.

Deep cleans

Then we have deep cleans. This is a complete and thorough cleaning of your entire home. From baseboards to kitchen cabinets, every square inch of every room will be cleaned to perfection. It’s the perfect cleaning service you can take advantage of if you haven’t had time to clean in a while or want to start fresh when you move into a new home. You can even include carpet and oven cleaning services in many deep cleanings, so they’re ideal if you want to clean slate.

Carpet cleaning

Almost all regular house cleaning services include vacuuming. And if you want a cleaner to focus solely on vacuuming on a particular day, some will even move furniture and do a pretty good job of getting dust and dirt off your carpet.

However, to make your carpets look new again, you will need carpet cleaning services. This is done with a carpet shampoo machine, so it cannot be offered as standard with the usual cleaning service. The machine will force the shampoo deep into the pile of the carpet, then use brushes and high-velocity air to suck all the dirt and grime off your carpets. Carpet cleaning can make your carpets look and smell like new. Moreover, it can even remove stains from the carpet, regardless of its age.

While any cleaning company worth their salt will offer these services, they are usually not offered as standard with other cleaning services, even deep cleanings, but are offered as an option.

Ironing services

Many cleaning companies also offer additional ironing services in addition to regular cleaning. Although a regular cleaner is usually trained and happy to do the ironing for you, it may not be the best use of their time. Ironing, as you surely know, takes a lot of time, and for your regular cleaner, it’s time taken from cleaning the rest of your house.

So you can choose to have additional ironing services or just ironing services if that’s all you need. Depending on the company you use, someone will come to your house or do all the ironing you need in your house. Or other companies remove your pile of wrinkled clothes and deliver fresh, folded clothes to you.

Housekeeping services

Finally, we have housekeeping services, which encompasses almost all of the cleaning services we’ve talked about here. A cleaning lady is with you much longer than an ordinary cleaning lady. After all, a regular cleaner has a lot of appointments every day. A housekeeper can be with you full time if you need it. Or they can clean your house one day a week, for example, depending on what works best for you.

A housekeeper can do all of the regular cleaning tasks we’ve talked about in this article. They can also do ironing, laundry, changing beds and much more. If you don’t have time to clean at all, a housekeeper might be the answer. They can do all the weekly cleaning chores for you, and many offer even more services like running errands and even taking your kids to school.

So, you can choose from some house cleaning services. Choosing the right cleaning company is really important because it allows you to take advantage of all the cleaning services they can offer, but that’s a subject for a different cleaning article.