Loki stars Owen Wilson and Richard E. Grant share a laugh after filming scenes as fan favorites Mobius M. Mobius and Classic Loki.

Spoilers ahead for Loki Episode 5, so go watch that first, or just live dangerously and read on.

Everyone loves it when the actors look like they’re really having fun on set. This effect is magnified when these actors are industry veterans, including the legendary Richard E. Grant, whom many fondly remember his countless roles over the years, and somewhat less fondly remember. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (not his fault, to be fair). Many were surprised to see him appear in the Easter Egg-filled 5th episode of Loki, and now a little behind-the-scenes clip suggests he had as much fun on set as audiences did on the couch.

Shortly after his episode of Loki Dropped out on Disney Plus, Grant posted a short video to Twitter of himself and his co-star Owen Wilson sharing a fun little time on set. As Grant asks how Wilson thought today’s scene turned out, the other actor offers his own further assessment. Once Grant pretends to show his relief, Wilson then clarifies that he wanted to say the statement in a much less flattering way and walks out of the box, Grant bursting into laughter. Looks like Wilson has a knack for keeping things fun with his co-stars.

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Wilson is already a seasoned comedy actor, but seeing him drop a real heavyweight like Grant in a chuckle like that is really special. Grant is well known for his dramatic roles over the years, but he’s certainly dabbled in the comedic arts as well, even appearing in several episodes of the happily revived animated series. Tuca & Bertie. His character in Loki Maybe left on a rather triumphant sacrifice in the last episode, but that doesn’t mean he can’t let go a bit.

Episode 5 of Loki saw Grant as Classic Loki, one of the many variations that appeared in apocalyptic space at the end of the days when everyone else “pruned” by the TVA ends up. This incarnation of the character seemed to be the old version of the real Loki seen in the Marvel comics from days gone by, right down to his green and gold campy outfit. He’s shown up alongside several other versions of Loki, including Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, and even Alligator Loki, to everyone’s good fortune. As Sylvie and Principal Loki put their plan into action to see who is behind VAT, the others decide to help, with Grant’s character sacrificing himself to act as a distraction in order to give others more time.

Seeing Grant’s contagious smile at the end of the short video is truly one of those feel-good moments, and it even shows just how real his much more manic laughter was during his character’s final scene. This is the mark of a true professional because being able to let go can be much more beneficial than being by the book all the time. Plus, it must be hard to keep a straight face when Wilson is nearby.

The last episode of Loki is fast approaching and it will be bittersweet to see this addicting series come to an end. But little moments like this really help make it seem like it’s more than just a flash in the pan that might otherwise be lost over time. They make it real. Like this line of The Hobbit, except not unintentionally hilarious.

Loki is releasing new episodes Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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Source: Richard E. Grant / Twitter

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