Alternative artist UPSAHL has announced the release of his upcoming single, “Time of my Life”, is currently available for pre-recording! This will be the third single she will release this year ahead of the release of her debut album in October.

Speaking about the single that will be released soon on Discord, UPSAHL commented that “Time of my Life” is “… living my best life, and living my worst life, and having mixed feelings about it”. To promote the single, UPSAHL also performed the song live on Discord and added a short preview of the song on TikTok. Although unreleased for the moment, “Time of my Life” is currently available for pre-recording on Spotify and Apple Music here.

UPSAHL’s first single, titled “Douchebag”, had already been released on May 14th. It describes the beginning of her story, written as she was going through a messy breakup and facing the harsh reality of a very final ending. Her second single, “Melatonin”, was dropped on June 11, which she described as “… being so overwhelmed by your emotions that you can’t even escape your troubles in your dreams”.

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“Douchebag” and “Melatonin” were designated by UPSAHL as Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, respectively, as they represent the various stages of his continuing journey which will be explored in more detail in “Time of my Life” and his upcoming album later. This year.

Feel free to listen to the first two chapters of UPSAHL’s Journey below, and be sure to listen to its third chapter, “Time of my Life,” when it drops!

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