The TikTok account @deeptomcruise, dedicated to creating deepfake videos of Tom Cruise, is back with a brand new fake clip of the Hollywood actor doing a cleanup.

A deepfake is a sequence that applies a digitally animated mask that depicts a certain person on another face – and Cruise’s ones are incredibly lifelike.

The clip shows Cruise’s cleaning deepfake in some sort of industrial facility.

“Hey, what’s up with TikTok?” the actor’s deepfake says before adding, “Look, I do a lot of my stunts, but I also do a lot of industrial cleaning. This is important. So obviously you keep your hands clean but you really need to of this exfoliating product. to cut through the grind. “

“Just one more tip for you, Tokers,” he added.

The clip drew numerous comments from shocked and impressed viewers calling the deepfake “real.”

One comment reads: “This is the best and most confusing CGI I have ever seen.”

While another added, “It blows my mind! EVERY TIME! Scary freaking. The world is having enough trouble deciding what’s real and what’s not.”

The account is managed by social media user Chris Ume.

Ume, a video visual effects specialist from Belgium, made headlines earlier this year when his TikToks du Impossible mission the actor began to gain prominence.

It even led to the real Tom Cruise joining TikTok in March, but he hasn’t posted anything yet.

The verified account has 45.4K followers with the biography: “Actor. Producer. Running in films since 1981.”

In this photo from July 13, 2018, Cruise attends the UK premiere of ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ at BFI IMAX in London, England.
John Phillips / Paramount Pictures

Meanwhile, the Deeptomcruise page has 1.3 million subscribers and confirms that this is a parody in the bio.

“I would like to show people the technical possibilities of these things,” Ume said. The Guardian in March. “I don’t plan on using it in any way where I would bother people – I just want to show them what’s possible in a few years.

“I just think there should be laws to help with the responsible use of AI and deepfakes,” Ume said.

“When I started making video and working on my projects, just in general, I always had a dream. I would love to work for Peter Jackson on The Lord of the Rings.

On Ume’s website, he explains, “I create the craziest videos and I love humor.

“My talent is my eye for perfection and my high quality standards. I’d rather finish something I’m proud of than some quick garbage.

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