May 11, 2022

Tips for deep cleaning your home, cleaning your house

When you walk into a home, after noticing the furniture layout and decor, your other senses get to work. The floor may not be crowded, but some strange smells persist. A clean home is more than what you see; our other senses are just as important. If you really want a clean house, go beyond organizing your shelves and picking things up on the floor.

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Here are four tips for making your home sparkling and guest-ready.

Clean floors: Don’t just pick things up from the floor, really dive in and thoroughly clean every surface. With tile or hardwood floors, it’s a little easier. Give it a good scrub with a good mop, and the floors will look and smell clean. If there are any problematic stains, you can usually find stain cleaners that are difficult to dig in and remove odors.

With a mat, however, it is a bit more difficult. If you have pets or children, there’s a good chance something has spilled. Old food or pet “accidents” can leave an odor. Fortunately, there are many informative websites on how to get rid of carpet odor. Do a little research, and after treating your floor, sweep it deep with the vacuum for a fresh, odorless feeling. Take a look at these Unclutterer branded stick vacuums that will help you effectively clean your floor.

Focus on the bathroom and the kitchen: Guests may not spend a lot of time in these areas, but the bathroom and kitchen are the areas where cleanliness matters most. When you’re doing a big cleaning session, spend more time in these rooms. Make sure to clean as much as possible behind the toilet and scrub the shower even if you can’t immediately see the dirt. The toilet is not the only thing that can contain an odor; be sure to check for mold near the shower to be sure.

In the kitchen, wipe down all your appliances well. It will remove messy smudges and fingerprints, but it will also remove any residue from things like old sticky foods. Also scrub your sink, you can use it to clean dishes, but it can quickly build up residue. Note that some cleaning products can be harmful to your skin. Remember to wear durable cleaning gloves when cleaning the bathroom or kitchen to avoid contact with harsh chemicals.

Tips for deep cleaning your home

Photo, Daiga Ellab.

Tips for deep cleaning your home

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Don’t forget the dust: Dust is basically an accumulation of particles, such as dead skin, animal dander, and other nasty things. Left unchecked, dust can cause health problems and be unsightly for guests. In addition, dust has an odor, so it is important to get rid of it. When dusting, make sure you don’t just hover over areas that guests can see. Dust anywhere you think there might be a build-up, especially in hidden or hard-to-reach places. You don’t need to dust off every time you clean, but every two weeks is a great program.

Get below: The empty space under your sofa and refrigerator can get dirty very quickly. Cleaning under these areas once every few months is never a bad idea. You never know what kind of particles or food got under these areas. There might be lingering odors, and you wouldn’t even notice it because you’re used to it. Be thorough and check these spaces every few weeks.

You don’t need to deep clean your home every month, but a few times a year isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it’s a great idea. The hard-to-reach and often-overlooked areas are those that can make your home dirty, even beyond the visual elements. Don’t settle for a house that just looks clean, make it really spotless.