November 25, 2022

Three house cleaning tips for the New Year

Do it yourself -sameThe holidays are over, winter is setting in and its effects on your home are more noticeable than ever. Muddy shoes, holiday season and Christmas crafts come back to haunt you as new stains and smells.

That’s why you’ll love these hassle-free spring cleaning tips to make your home shine.

1. Use the remaining bags to declutter. Spots and dust bunnies will be invisible until the clutter is removed. Use leftover shopping bags and gift boxes to help you declutter. One to “put that aside”, a second to “throw that away” and a third to “give that away.” “

2. Arm your arsenal of enzymes. Enzymes work without you, so choose a non-toxic, enzyme-based cleaner like KIDS ‘N’ PETS Instant All Purpose Stain Remover to breathe new life into clothes, sofas and rugs. Spray on stains or add to your laundry detergent or carpet cleaning machine and let the enzymes work their magic.

3. Dusters are so last year. Throw away your feather duster this spring and switch to a lint roller to remove dust and dirt from surfaces such as shelves, fireplaces, tables, lamps, etc.

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