The 1991 television film, which tells the classic story of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings through a Russian lens, resurfaces after 30 years.

Peter Jackson may have popularized The Lord of the Rings with his hit trilogy, but he wasn’t the first to feature a film adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s story. This achievement actually goes to the Russians, who produced a made-for-television version of Tolkien. The Fellowship of the Ring ten years before Jackson.

Released in 1991 under the name Khraniteli, the Russian-language film is supposed to be the only The Lord of the Rings adaptation made in the Soviet Union. It was initially thought to have been lost in time, but suddenly resurfaced when 5TV, a Russian TV channel, posted both parts 1 and 2 of the film on its YouTube channel last week. Since then, he’s garnered over 800,000 views, and many fans have raved about his hilarious base sets and special effects.

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Unconditional fans of the the Lord of the Rings The franchise has been looking for the film for years but never had a chance to locate it. Perhaps what makes it so rare is the fact that adaptations of Tolkien’s work were incredibly rare during Soviet times. Many people believe the story was censored by the Russian government because the topic concerned an uprising of men and allies against an autocratic state.

Others believe that Tolkien’s work was just too difficult to translate into Russian and therefore many filmmakers were discouraged from trying to adapt it. Considering the fact that Tolkien uses complex language to tell his story, the process of translating his words into Russian would not be a simple task. Again, The Lord of the Rings is huge in Russia. In fact, when Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy first came out in the country, several young people watched a dubbed version that included a lot more swear words than the American version.

This is why the resurfacing of Khraniteli is such a big deal for the Lord of the Rings fans – laughs aside, it gave many Russian viewers much needed nostalgia. It also included a few plot details left out of Jackson’s trilogy that fans seemed to enjoy, including the debut of Tom Bombadil, the Inhabitant of the Book Forest. According to previous reports, Bombadil did not succeed in the American version because his character was just too “long.”

Currently a the Lord of the Rings a TV show is in production for Amazon Prime. According to sources involved in the production, the show will take place in the age of Numenor, which is the period of 3,441 years before The Fellowship of the Ring.

Peter Jackson The Lord of the Rings The trilogy is out now on HBO Max and Amazon Prime.

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