This Hollywood star that we will show you below was also offered for an important character in the saga, but he lowered his thumb and regretted it afterwards. Look who it is!
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© Warner Bros.Like Adrien Brody: This actor also turned down a role in The Lord of the Rings and regretted it.

When you are a rising movie star, it is common for job offers to keep pouring in, so it is important to analyze the situation and before accepting or not the projects. In Hollywood, there are several well-known stories of actors and actresses who were about to play a mythical character in an iconic movie, but for various reasons they ended up rejecting… and then they regretted it!

The most recent case made public is that of Adrien brody, who claimed to have rejected the opportunity to be in The Lord of the Rings, one of the most successful film sagas in history. The actor told GQ magazine: “I was doing the casting and for some reason didn’t take it”. I was looking for something else. “Then he added: “I remember going to the movies with my ex girlfriend and she said, ‘Did you turn down Lord of the Rings?’ I felt very stupid “. He wasn’t the only interpreter that had happened to him.

+ The actor who also rejected The Lord of the Rings

A few years ago, we knew that Ian McKellen wasn’t the first Peter Jackson to play Gandalf, since the one who aimed to embody the mythical character in the first place was Christophe plummer. However, he refused and repented on Conan O’Brien’s show: “I don’t know why I refused it”he confessed. Then he added: “I thought to myself that it will be about three or four years of filming in New Zealand … and I thought to myself that there were a lot of other countries that I wanted to visit before I died”.

After this statement, he claimed to be a fan of the literary saga and that the adaptations on the big screen looked excellent, despite the missed opportunity. Although he also said that Ian mckellen gave it a special touch: “He was absolutely wonderful. He couldn’t have been closer, which I couldn’t have had. I would have been colder and more authoritative.. Finally, he added, laughing: “I hate this ab son …”.

Plummer, who died on February 5 of this year, cannot regret being Gandalf at all, since in the following years he returned to the crest of the wave with other projects. In 2011 he took the Oscar Awards For the movie Beginners, and He is one of the few to have won the most important acting awards in the United States. together at the Emmy, Golden Globe and Tony.

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