There are some amazing characters in LOTR, but these pointless characters are the worst in the film series and add little to the story.

Frodo Baggins is the character of The Lord of the Rings who comes under the most pressure and stress throughout the film’s trilogy, and yet he still manages to piss people off for some reason instead of gaining sympathy and appreciation. Some might even say he’s the worst character, even compared to other much worse characters like Denethor II. Is the character of Frodo Baggins really that boring, or is he maybe even unnecessary for the plot to move forward? Each character in The Lord of the Rings has at least several hundred viewers hooking up with them, but which are useless (albeit entertaining) for the plot, and which are so horrible that people wish the writer had found a way to write them down?

First of all, Frodo is by no means the worst character in The Lord of the Rings. Although Aragorn is the protagonist of the plot, Frodo is the protagonist of the story. Elijah Woods was perfectly chosen for the lead role of Frodo Baggins. His range of emotions and his portrayal of a pure soul slowly corrupted by evil was phenomenal. Acting aside, Frodo’s character arc was very interesting. Frodo went from being a naive young man to having the fate of all of Middle-earth on his shoulders, and somehow he managed to complete the longest and darkest journey ever. in the utmost secrecy, which is a badass.

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He’s resisted the temptation for so long (although he falters at times) that when he finally ends the journey and fails the mission, it’s truly shocking. At the end of the movie, Frodo has accepted that he will forever bear the brunt of everything that happened, and he smiles. He’s one of the most interesting characters ever written. Now that popular opinion has been established as undeserved criticism, which characters are actually causing enough frustration that a viewer will start screaming on their screen? The simplest answer would be Denethor II. He’s rude and dirty, and he doesn’t care about his youngest son, Faramir. And when his people are in need, he does nothing.

The Lord of the Rings (2001)

This is probably because the kingdom of Gondor was so close to Mordor and therefore under the influence of Sauron, but it’s still very easy to hate the character of Denethor. This is especially the case when he has already had Boromir killed by sending him to seek the Ring, then sends his youngest son to defend Osgiliath even though he knows it is futile and will result in Faramir’s death. Gríma Wormtongue is another disagreeable character to the point of being annoying. This character is a serpent who lies, deceives and spreads evil and hatred. The character is just used as a tool to show Saruman’s control over Théoden, and although it is best shown through a character like Wormtongue, this control could have been shown in another way that would render this character useless. .

Although Legolas and Gimli are funny and badass warriors, they add nothing to the plot of The Lord of the Rings cinema. Of course, they’re used to show how much the elf and dwarf genres disagree with each other, and there’s an arc of the two characters overcoming their differences and ties, but if they were removed from the plot, everything would still make sense, and it would progress. The movies would be a lot less fun to watch, but these characters are much less important than characters like Frodo or Sam. Frodo needed Sam, and Sam needed Frodo. Without one, the other could not complete the mission. But without Legolas and Gimli, they could.


Merry and Pippin are two of the nicest characters to watch throughout the trilogy. But one seems to be more helpful than the other, which actually hurts the group multiple times. Although Pippin forces Treebeard to overtake Isengard to defeat Saruman’s army, this is only a small decision in an entire trilogy and could have been left to Merry. Merry is the one who tried to get help from the Ents instead of giving up. Merry also helps Eowyn kill the Wizard King. Pippin constantly causes trouble for the group because of his stupidity. But a stupid mistake actually pays off, as it allows him to be in the right place at the right time to save Faramir.

Women in The Lord of the Rings do not have the respect or love of most LOTR fan base, but Arwen is a great character and a warrior who helps Frodo when needed. The only problem is that after this act of heroism, she is little more than a love interest in the plot protagonist, Aragorn. And although Eowyn defeats the Wizard King and delivers a cool avant-garde line, it hasn’t been developed properly throughout the trilogy for the kill to be as a reward. The stories of Éowyn, Théoden and Faramir are all interesting, but we could have done without. But luckily, each of the previous characters mentioned has been kept in the movies as they add tension, humor, or drama despite their flaws.

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