The Sims have long featured parodies of existing franchises, and his game on Lord of the Rings turns the fantasy classic into a schoolyard brawl.

The sims is no stranger to parody. These games changed the words of a Katy Perry song to fit her own language and transformed the sitcom how I Met Your Mother in How i threw away your father. Even pieces of literary history are not safe, because The sims 4 even has a parody of The Lord of the Rings known as Lord of swings.

Parodies of The Lord of the Rings There’s nothing new. There has been a lot of it over the years in the form of books, TV shows, and online content. For example, the show american father had an entire streak with Roger acting as Gollum. however, The sims“Parody changes a major facet of books.

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Lord of swings is described as the story of a young boy named Eduado whose playground was terrorized by a school bully. Everyone in the story is vying for the one Swing – a swing that can swing higher than everyone else – and Eduado must destroy it before the school bully can claim it. What makes this so funny is that, although it is a short and basic description, all of the main notes from Frodo’s journey are there.

The Lord of the Rings is one of the best examples of high fantasy, a story where the characters, themes, and plot all have epic proportions. The rules of the world are perfectly consistent, even if they differ from the real world, and its events impact the entire world and the characters who live there. Of course, the plot of The sims 4The version of this version is much smaller, but it arguably has just as much of an impact on the children who play it. What happens to the swing will affect the entire playing field, and that is the character world in question. It also keeps the rules fairly inconsistent – kids rarely follow the rules after all.

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The best parodies refer to a well-known subject and take it to the extreme, often for a comedic effect. The idea of ​​reinventing the Lord of the Rings like an urban childhood fantasy, it opens up to some interesting representations of characters. For example, how would Gollum fit into this world? Could he just be the weird crying little kid that no one likes, like Randal from the old one? Break cartoon? The idea of ​​translating Sauron as a mere school bully doesn’t provide the depth of the character in the books, but it also allows him a greater physical presence in the parody than he originally had.

The chance of The sims going any further is unlikely, but it wouldn’t be the first time the series has released a DLC based on a popular series. Maybe players could see some content coming in a DLC pack like last year. Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Game Pack. Anything is possible but fans can only hope that one day we will have Lord of the Swings: The Two Dodgeballs.

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