Peter decided to pay tribute to him by showing The Fellowship of the Rong for the very first time in his honor.

While there is a lot fans don’t know about the making of The Fellowship of the Ring, the first film in Peter Jackson’s epic adaptations of JRR Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”, there is something about it. about the first showing of the film which is even less people know about. Peter Jackson has been pretty transparent about some of his creative decisions, including expanding Liv Tyler’s role in the movies and key to creating The Lord of the Rings. But even the biggest LOTR fans have absolutely no idea that the very first screening of The Fellowship of the Ring took place during her mother’s funeral.

The very first Fellowship of the Ring screening was dedicated to Peter’s mother

In a 2004 interview with the now disgraced Charlie Rose ahead of the release of The King’s Return, Peter Jackson detailed his relationship with his parents and how they helped him become a filmmaker. Of course, Charlie must have wondered whether or not his parents lived to see his biggest hit, The Lord of the Rings movies. It turns out that Peter’s father, William Jackson, died in 1998 while he was still in pre-production on the films. At least William could see that his son was working on something absolutely huge; although he couldn’t see how positively the world would react to Peter’s hard work.

Unfortunately, neither does Peter’s mother. Joan Jackson died just before The Fellowship of the Ring was completed.

“Mom didn’t quite get to see The Fellowship of the Ring, the first movie,” Peter Jackson told Charlie Rose. “She died three days before the movie ended. She was kind of hooked. She had Parkinson’s and was very old and frail and sort of slowly went down for a year or two. [before]. And, uh, and she was kind of hooked up to see the movie. “

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Because Peter felt his mother was really trying to get to see her son’s greatest achievement but failed, Peter decided to honor him by showing The Fellowship of the Rong for the very first time in his honor. .

“We played it at his funeral. We had his funeral. I had all my connections there. All my family. You know, the extended family. And so I took them all to a theater afterwards. – midday of the funeral and played them the movie. And I said, “Look, mom would have loved the idea of ​​this being played out at her funeral.” And that was the very first screening of The Fellowship of the Ring. “

Peter’s cinematic journey is due to his mother and father

In the 2004 interview with Charlie Rose, Peter Jackson also went into details about his relationship with his parents. Without a doubt, he explained, he wouldn’t be where he is without them.

Peter Jackson grew up as an only child in a small town outside Wellington, New Zealand. Being forced to spend a lot of time alone helped him develop his creativity and, eventually, his love for cinema. His parents were extremely supportive of him and the pursuit of his dreams, which Peter says inspired him on his own journey as a parent.

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All of this is extremely impressive considering that his parents had no interest in cinema themselves. Joan and William weren’t exactly the creative type. They were blue collar workers who emigrated from England in search of a better life. But, as Peter explained to Charlie Rose, they could see that their son was not frivolous in the movies … he was dedicated to it. And they loved their son and wanted to see him succeed.

“My interests and hobbies were so far removed from what they were interested in, but they were there for me all the time. Always, ”Peter Jackson told Charlie Rose. “They would buy me a new camera for Christmas when I was 14.”

Peter’s parents also drove him to film things as he didn’t have a driver’s license until his twenties because he was too busy making films.

“They devoted a lot of their time to helping me,” explained Peter.

Peter’s mother, Joan, also made vomit which was used in one of his films. And on Meet The Feebles, one of her first films, Joan even cooked all the meals and took care of the entire cast and crew.

Considering the support Joan gave her son in the early days of his film career, it makes sense that he wanted to pay tribute to him by showing The Fellowship of the Ring at his funeral. Not to mention the touching last line of his acceptance speech when he won the Academy Award for Best Director at the Oscars …

“For Bill and Joan, thank you.”

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