Why didn’t the eagles fly the ring to Mordor? This is the only explanation that everyone will need.

the the Lord of the Rings The trilogy, written by JRR Tolkien and adapted for the big screen by Peter Jackson, confronts one of the most controversial questions and most debated film topics of all time: “So why didn’t they just fly to Mordor?”At first, this seems like the best option given how far Frodo and his friends had to travel. But not only would the story have been much shorter, it would have ended in a very different way and probably in more tears. And there wouldn’t have been that epic, multi-final seen in Return of the king which gave the public the closure they needed after such a long trip.

In The Fellowship of the Ring, it is decided that Frodo will be the one who will wear the ring in Mordor. He is joined by Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Sam, Merry, Pippin and Gandalf – a wizard who frames Frodo and helps lead the group. Passing through the Mines of Moria, the community faces a powerful demon servant called Balrog. After uttering one of the most epic lines of all time, Gandalf turns his back on the fallen Balrog who lashes out one last time with his whip and knocks Gandalf down to his supposed death … but not before saying his last words: “Fly poor fools.”

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From this line, it is often inferred that it was Gandalf’s intention to have the group fly to Mordor all the time, but to do so in absolute secrecy. However, this would have been impossible as the eagles owe no allegiance to humans and would never have agreed to do so. Even had the community been able to fly to Mordor, they would have been spotted immediately and the ring would have been taken by Sauron’s servants. It was much wiser to complete the mission as quietly as possible and go unnoticed – not that difficult for a creature as small as a hobbit, unless it was Frodo and the story calls for drama.

The word “steal” can also be interpreted here as “flee,” meaning that Gandalf wanted Frodo to leave the community and move quickly, which he later does and is able to complete his unexpected journey. It is not by chance that in The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf looks directly at Frodo during the delivery of his replica. Many fans believe that, because Gandalf wanted to bring the ring to the other side of the Misty Mountains, he planned to use the eagles from the start. This is because this is where the eagles live. But as other fans more familiar with Tolkien’s books have pointed out, eagles aren’t eagles at all.

They are Maiar spirits. The Maiar are spirits that have existed since the dawn of time. They do not have a fixed shape and can change shape if they wish. They are similar to the Greek gods in how each Maiar controls an aspect of life such as the stars, the sea, empathy, or the wind. Gandalf himself is a Maiar; and for a very long time it did not have a fixed form. Eagles have chosen to remain in the form of an animal, but are no less powerful or intelligent than a wizard. As this Tolkien fan points out, neither Gandalf nor the Eagles are allowed to directly interfere with the plight of several peoples of Middle-earth. They can only give advice and wisdom.

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Gandalf dies when fighting the Balrog, but he is sent back to Middle-earth as Gandalf the White (a status with more authority and power) with the permission of Manwë to help him complete his mission. to defeat Sauron. Manwë is the king of the Valar. He is very powerful and his authority is the highest word of all the Valar. Gandalf the Gray is not allowed to do anything other than provide advice for Frodo and the community and even the playing fields. His initial purpose for being sent to Middle-earth was to help defeat Smaug the dragon. , as it could have been used to respond to Sauron’s offer.

In the the Lord of the Rings books, it is said that one of Gandalf’s powers is the ability to read the minds of others and even to control them to a certain capacity. Gandalf knows that if Frodo stays with the community, the mission will fail. He can sense the way Boromir’s thoughts are going, and he wants Frodo to complete his mission on his own – or at least with Sam since he’s one of the only members of the community that Gandalf knows he won’t do. hurt Frodo or won’t try to take the ring. That’s what he meant by “steal, fools”.

So, this effectively debunks the theory that Gandalf wanted to use the eagles to complete the mission. He knows that it is neither their place nor their authority to get into the mix. It is only after Sauron is about to be defeated that the eagles are allowed to step in to help the heroes achieve victory.

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