Lord of the Rings Online spend a day. In addition to their latest class overhaul and Legendary item playable on the Public Test Server, the team at Standing Stone Games have revealed the official name of the long-awaited expansion in Gundabad. The fate of Gundabad, as it’s called, will launch in fall 2021 according to the developer today on Twitter.

The expansion has been announced for a long time, although the team delayed it from early 2021 to an end 2021 window earlier this year. However, players can contemplate Gundabad in the MMO for quite some time now, as one of the more recent regions added in last year’s controversial. War of the Three Peaks “mini-expansion”, Elderslade, contemplates the iconic Dwarf Fortress.

The fate of Gundabad itself continues the story that has been woven throughout the epic questline over the past several years, focusing on the acts of the northern dwarves led by Durin VII, son of King Thorin III. The questline expanded the history and in-game lore of one of the Lord of the Rings’ little-known races, the Dwarves, fleshing out the reclusive civilization in a way that no other Tolkien medium really does.

Gundabad itself is an iconic and incredibly important place in the history of the Dwarves in Tolkien’s sub-creation, as it is the place where the first Dwarves awoke, including Durin I, also known as of Immortal. It has also been the site of constant strife between the Dwarves and Orcs, with forays both in the Second Age and now in the Third Age, seeing the fortress fall into the hands of the Enemy.

The fate of Gundabad itself is slated for a fall 2021 release, although no official date has been given. However, the development team has stated that the new class, the Melee DPS / Tank Brawler, will be released before the Gundabad expansion. Just a few months ago, the development team gave a little sneak peek at The fate of Gundabad, exploring the passage from Elderslade to the new regions, while briefly touching on a new world-generation process that the team uses to create the new content.

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