The LOTR series is already poised to fail for these glaring reasons. Is there hope for a good story?

Amazon spent $ 250 million in November 2017 to secure the rights to the Lord of the Rings and estimated that the length of his 5-season series would cost over $ 1 billion to produce. It is the most expensive show ever. But if he follows in Christopher Nolan’s footsteps Principle, having a big budget will not necessarily prevent it from having a weak history. Based on news shared by various sources about what the series will entail, this doesn’t look good for fans of Tolkien’s work. There are plenty of reasons this show won’t receive positive ratings after its premiere.

The first problem is that Amazon producers the Lord of the Rings seen the success of shows like Game of thrones, Westworld, and The witcher and can try to replicate these successes. The Peter Jackson trilogy was successful because the creators believed in what they were doing. They believed in the art of storytelling through film and didn’t feel the need to try and cover up a not-so-good story with dressings like sex appeal. They weren’t trying to please people, but since they were also fans and trusted the story, they ended up creating something that inspired the entire creative world.

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If the the Lord of the Rings the series tries to imitate Game of thrones, this has already failed because it means that there is no passion in what is created. This means that the creators are trying to piggyback on another show to make money. Presumably this show won’t try to be faithful to the books, which are actually written more like children’s books. If Amazon is literally casting a call for a bunch of background extras that are suitable for nudity, chances are they’ll turn up the stories a bit for not-so-kid-friendly viewing.

While this can be seen as a good thing, fans are worried for more reasons than just a little nudity. A more adult-oriented the Lord of the Rings The story seems like a good idea, especially if it’s done in a clever and deliberate way for the sake of character building or lore. But it looks like Amazon is just trying to make their own Game of thrones without any passion or respect for the author who literally brought all modern entertainment to life in fantastic genres. Amazon even hired an academic from Tolkien who studies the history of Middle-earth to gain support from their fans.

But apparently everything that was going on behind the scenes was enough for the scholar – Tom Shippey – to part ways with Amazon. Prior to this news, fans had hoped the show would at least be true to the world they know. Shippey said Tolkien’s Estate agreed with Amazon that the show should not contradict anything Tolkien has written or stated in his books. But whatever producers make creators write has to be bad enough that someone whose entire career is dedicated to Tolkien quits.

The show has some great things going on as well as some positive changes going on. The show is of course filmed in New Zealand which will always be a good thing. And showrunners are gearing up to create a more diverse and inclusive set of characters. There is a good thing to come from a big mega-co-op like Amazon acquiring the rights to the series – the company will ensure that it gives actors of all genders and races a chance to participate in the telling of the most popular stories. loved ones never told, which will also always be a good thing.

Fans of Middle-earth are worried that two unknown writers will be given the daunting task of creating a the Lord of the Rings series. Being unknown certainly doesn’t mean that a writer is neither talented nor capable, but it does bring the uncertainty of someone inexperienced. The story will take place thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, so it will be a story that the public has never seen.

The cast was announced and once again fans were hoping for a good show when Will Poulter was announced to play the title character. But Poulter also dropped the project and claimed it was because of scheduling conflicts. If anything is better than a limited series of Middle-earth with the biggest budget in television history, then it’s definitely something to be worried about.

Even Elijah Wood has a bad feeling about the show and says the title is ‘very weird’ considering it won’t be a the Lord of the Rings tale at all. And for these reasons and more, it’s unlikely to be a very good show. It will be worth watching, but don’t expect it to become the next big inspiration for generations to come. Hopefully the creators surprise everyone and end up creating something that fans will love.

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