Not so long ago, we told you about the incredible sand sculptures by Italian sand sculptor Leonardo Ugolini. His time-lapse video of an incredible sandcastle version of the Millennium Falcon completely blew us away. He’s now back, with a trio of sand creations based on the the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We heard about his latest creations from Middle-earth via The laughing squid. And they are just as impressive as hers Star wars rooms.

Leonardo from Uglioni

Ugolini tackles Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ house in his prime the Lord of the Rings sand sculpture video. Hobbiton’s Little House looks just like it is in the Peter Jackson movies, down to the smallest detail of the front door. Ugolini even creates a version of the interior of Bilbo’s famous home in the Shire. And is that a certain ring of power that we see on the table?

The second the Lord of the Rings The sand sculpture is a surprisingly detailed version of the Dark Tower of Mordor, also known as Barad-niveau. Ugolini created this one with nothing more than a mini spatula. And there’s even a steaming sand version of Mount Doom in the background. You can see time-lapse video of the fortress, which holds the Eye of Sauron, here.

And finally, we get a glimpse of the tiny cave inside Mount Doom, where Frodo Baggins attempted to throw the One Ring into the flames. (Well, almost tempted). Ugolini does what Frodo could not, and with the ring thrown into the fire, the sand tower of Mordor collapses. Fortunately, eagles came just in time to save the artist. Gandalf must have asked for a favor or two.

You can check out all of Leonardo Ugolini’s incredible sand sculpture videos by going to his TikTok account. And for even more cool sculpture art, visit Ugolini’s online store.

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