A thing Kevin hart Usually shows in any movie that he’s in good shape, but in Borderlands he’s likely to be jerked off and ready to show off his action chops in a big way. Looks like this movie won’t be the same as every other movie, or close to every other movie, that Hart has starred in because he won’t get the chance to be the funny guy he turns out to be. habitually. There may be a few humorous or even funny moments in the film, but it looks like he’ll go into full action mode for Borderlands as he plays Roland, a former military man who will be one of the main characters in the story. To make things even better, he trained with the Navy SEALs for this role, which isn’t necessarily going to impress a lot of people, unless they’ve already seen the hellish workouts that SEALs sometimes tend to do. undergo. Since Navy SEALs are an elite fighting force, it’s not hard to think that many of them push their bodies beyond the usual limits that many people might consider healthy.

Thinking that Hart has been through their training is enough to be impressed, as it means not only that he takes this role seriously, but also does what he can to fit into his character’s state of mind. . Those who have played Borderlands already know the film has a certain reputation to live up to, and while the cast is impressive, there are still a lot of hurdles to clear before anyone can say it’s a hit or miss. Quite often when Hart is seen on screen, he jumps up and down, gets loud, and is the funny guy, so it’s going to be a change when he shows up without making any jokes. Some actors can switch between genres without having to combine the two, while others have to transition a bit before they really find their rhythm. Hart has actually been working on the drama game for quite some time and while not fully interested in it, he has managed to be more than a little impressive during his most dramatic moments. But when it comes to action, he’s not exactly a lazy person, but he’s a guy you might not think he was all for at first.

He knows how to make a joke when it comes to action scenes, but watch him like a pure action star is going to be interesting because wondering if he will be able to handle the transition transparently will be of great interest to many people. Hart has been a star long enough that people keep watching him, and his stint in the Jumanji movies, while not all about acting, will go a long way in getting people to think he can. become an action star. Cate Blanchette has already taken this step since her turn because Hela has done a great job of showing people that she can be vicious, and her time as Galadriel in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies has also done wonders. to build the reputation she needed. . In other words, Borderlands shouldn’t be much of an ordeal for either of these actors, especially since they’ve been seen as versatile in the past.

You could say that for a long time Kevin did what brought him to the big moment in the first place, he was funny and he was able to hang on to physical comedy and drama. Now is the time to get up close with the action stars and let it be known that he can, too. It doesn’t look like he’ll have much of a problem doing that, and there’s no doubt that many people will be likely to comment on his physique after training and the film’s release. Appearance is a big part of any action movie after all, because muscle action stars certainly stand out more than guys and girls with a little bit of fat here and there.

A lot of people still hold their breaths when it comes to wondering how accurate Borderlands will be, as video game movies have definitely gotten better over the years, but still have a reputation for being hit and miss. One can only hope for the best at this point, but at least the cast is on point and the story seems to follow the game more closely than some might think. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. It’s fair to think the movie will go off without a hitch and the lack of comedy won’t get in the way of Hart, but again, let’s just wait and see.

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