The whole side adventure with Gandalf and the Necromancer is only referenced in the original book, and the truth is, it tends to add to the confusion of the movies. However, now that we have fixed the problem, we can focus on the main story again.

The last time we left him, Bilbo was about to join the dwarves on a journey through Mirkwood. This deadly escapade through the dark and arboreal menace ends up becoming very, very poorly. Soon after, the group begins to run out of food. They also have a hard time crossing a magical river. Finally, they are captured by the giant spiders – who are likely descendants of Shelob – that inhabit Mirkwood. It was only thanks to Bilbo’s heroism that the group survived their brush with the oversized arachnids.

Switching from danger to danger, the companions are quickly captured by a group of wood elves led by the one and only Legolas. At this point, we also meet Tauriel, a captain of the Guard and a character made up for film adaptations.

The dwarves are brought back to the underground realm of the Wood Elves, where they are imprisoned. Meanwhile, a random B-plot romance arises between the dwarf Kíli and Tauriel. Thorin also clarifies that he will not be playing ball with Legolas’ father, the Elven King Thranduil. Eventually, Bilbo uses his magic ring to get his friends out of prison and they escape into a nearby river in empty barrels.

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