Youth (July 1)

Located in an aseptic palace in the Swiss Alps, Youth follows two eighty-year-old friends in the green, a conductor at arm’s length and a filmmaker determined to shoot his testamentary masterpiece, flanked by a gang of crazy young screenwriters, whose unwavering friendship is based on a film original rule: only share the good things in life. Walks in the fresh air, conversations about the prostate, swimming in a jacuzzi, glasses in the moonlight, bewildered observation of specimens wandering in this five-star hotel (a Miss Smart World, an obese Maradona lookalike, an actor freediving for his next role …). Behind the long calm river of this padded existence emerge the great themes which pinch the heart and the soul: the irreversibility and the anguish of old age, fatherhood, creation, friendship. Staggeringly beautiful, tender and touching, the film’s dialogues are carried by a golden cast (Harvey Keitel, Michael Caine, Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano, Jane fonda). Youth reminds us that cinema is above all pleasure.


Indigo Film / Pathé / Christophel Collection / ChristopheL Collection via AFP

The Hobbit (July 1)

10 years later The Lord of the Rings, fans of Tolkienthe fantasy universe is passionate about this new saga dedicated to Bilbo who, long before his nephew Frodo, lived epic adventures and populated by evil creatures and valiant warriors. The opportunity to follow the perilous journey of the hobbit in three supercharged parts.

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