November 25, 2022

Surprising places you need to look

TikToker Azure MacCannell (@livecomposed) has shared some of the surprising things around your house that might need cleaning.

MacCannell is a TikToker and mom who shares cleaning and organization tips. In a viral video that has racked up more than 7 million views, MacCannell shows that cleaning your home thoroughly takes more than just sweeping the floors and scrubbing the windows. Hard to reach places like refrigerator coils and faucet screens need some love too!

The video begins with a shot of MacCannell’s refrigerator. “Here are some things that might need cleaning up,” she wrote in a caption. Then she shows how dusty the back of her fridge is. The refrigerator coils are covered in a thick layer of gray dust, which begins to disappear when she moves a vacuum cleaner back and forth over the coils.

Cleaning your fridge’s coils, she explains, won’t just get rid of the dust. It will also “save you a lot of money” by extending the life of your refrigerator.

Next, MacCannell shows how to clean the space under your toilet seat. She unscrews the lid of a toilet seat and removes it, showing where grime has collected around the seat hinges. Using a disinfectant wipe, she carefully scrubs dirt off the hinges until the toilet is sparkling clean!

“Clean this up and your bathroom will smell much better,” she wrote in a caption.

Finally, MacCannell shows how to clean your sink’s faucet screen. She unscrews the screen, then places it in a cup of cleaning fluid. Then she uses disinfectant wipes to wipe down the rest of the faucet.

“You will notice a difference in the water pressure,” she claims, pointing to her now sparkling sink as the video ends.

“Too scared to watch”

Viewers were surprised and horrified that their house could be dirty without even realizing it.

“I want these things clean but I’m too scared how bad they are to clean them since I’ve never done it before,” wrote one TikToker.

“I already have so many things that I need to clean up. I don’t need more,” another overwhelmed viewer commented.

“I’m scrolling pretending I’ve never seen this,” another TikToker joked.

Cleaning hard-to-reach places can seem overwhelming, but MacCannell also makes it extremely satisfying.

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