November 25, 2022

Stress-free cleaning in 5 days

Posted: Posted Date – 11:35 PM, Fri – 21 Oct 22

(Representative image). So here’s a five-day cleaning tip sheet from Dyson on how to clean room by room to help you get a thorough, stress-free clean of your whole home this Diwali.

Hyderabad: It can be really therapeutic to clean houses. Plus, it infuses our homes with much-needed positivity and peace. Although regular cleaning is a necessary aspect of life, it’s best to prepare your home for the holidays before the holidays.

People typically use conventional cleaning techniques like dusting or sweeping, which stir up dust but don’t drive it out of the house. It is therefore crucial to thoroughly vacuum all surfaces and get into frequently missed crevices in order to create a cleaner and healthier home environment.

According to the Dyson Global Dust Study 2022, Indians think vacuum cleaners are the most effective at removing house dust, but only 39% of Indians actually use a vacuum cleaner to clean their home.

So here’s a five-day cleaning tip sheet from Dyson on how to clean room by room to help you get a thorough, stress-free clean of your whole home this Diwali.

Day 1 :

Allow time to clean up high. Ceilings and high mounted appliances such as ceiling fans, chandeliers or air conditioners are one of the most dusty places due to the inconvenience of cleaning.

Remove anything mounted on your walls (picture frames, clocks) and vacuum any dust that has accumulated on the walls.

Dust the walls using a vacuum cleaner with advanced filtration to make sure the dust you remove stays trapped in the bin and isn’t forced out into the house. Dust on certain types of walls can also contribute to mold growth.

Don’t forget the curtains and blinds either. Vacuum the dust before washing the curtains at 60-90 degrees Celsius to kill germs and bacteria.

Day 2:

Start with furniture such as your sofa, TV cabinet, cabinets, dining table, chairs, etc.

Vacuum your furniture and remove hair and other dust. Don’t forget to vacuum around the crevices of any fixed furniture (bookcases, televisions) or even the crevices of the couch. Also, clean further under furniture.

Carpets can hide dust and dirt between their fibers, as well as harbor microscopic life that can impact your well-being. Vacuuming to reduce the number of mites and eliminate their food source.

Day 3:

Tackle the bedrooms and their textile furniture in one day. This includes mattresses, sofas and pet beds.

Vacuum both sides of your mattress to remove dust mites and dander. Wash all removable covers (sheets, cushion covers) at 60-90 degrees Celsius.

If the bottom of your iron is covered in brown stains, once it cools, cut a lemon in half and rub the juice over the marks, then wipe with a cloth to remove and prevent the brown stains from staining your clean clothes.

As your pet meticulously licks its fur to clean and groom itself, it is actually transferring allergens from its saliva into your home. So, make sure your pet beds and bedding are free of hair and allergens.

Day 4:

Clear kitchen counters and cabinets for a thorough cleaning. Vacuum above and below appliances like your refrigerator, scrub your sink, and wipe down all kitchen appliances and stovetops to remove any buildup. Follow up making sure all surfaces are dry.

If you have a flaky kettle, cover the element with white vinegar, bring to a boil, and let sit overnight.

Day 5:

Clean your bathroom from top to bottom, not just the toilet bowl and sink.

The grouting of your bathroom tiles can turn an unpleasant orange color due to mold and mildew that grows in the humidity. Make a paste from baking soda and water and rub it on the grout with an old toothbrush to restore it to its original color. Also try to ventilate your bathroom in the future to reduce mold growth.

And you are done! Enjoy a cup of tea and do a light dusting and vacuuming the floors regularly for your Diwali parties.