PLACERVILLE (CBS13) – A Placerville woman’s wedding rings were stolen a year after her husband’s tragic death.

“My husband passed away here at my house on the property,” said Lainey Lord, whose husband Jason was in the passenger seat of an UTV when he rolled over and was killed. .

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“He was crushed under the UTV. I was just trying to do whatever I could to try to get my husband out from under by trying to start CPR as soon as possible, ”she said.

Lord ended up with three rings from her husband, but in April they were stolen from his car.

“These were the only things I had from my husband. They weren’t replaceable at all. I was devastated. I called the police right away, ”said Lord who immediately said the El Dorado County Sheriff began working on the case.

“It was a theft of a handbag from a car. The victim of the theft had her wedding rings in her purse, ”said Sgt. Eric Palmberg with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect also stole Lord’s credit cards, which MPs were able to track down.

“We responded to one of the businesses where the victim’s stolen credit cards were used. We had video surveillance which led to the suspect’s license plate, ”Palmberg said.

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Roseville, Folsom and Sacramento agencies helped locate a suspicious Melissa Corallino-Tschanz, 45. She was arrested and the rings were returned.

“It’s not only gratifying for the victim, it’s also gratifying for us to know that we are making a difference,” said Sgt. Palmberg.

“Two days before the anniversary of my husband’s death, I got a call from the El Dorado County Sheriffs,” Lord said.

He says she knows her husband helped find the rings.

“The joy of knowing my husband was there to return my rings,” Lord said.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department was able to locate Corallino-Tschanz because she was arrested by the Sacramento County Probation Office on unrelated charges.

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It is not known what charges the sheriff’s office will file for the stolen purse.

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