An example of a NaturaDome construction – Image courtesy of NaturaDome

PARIS, Sept 2 – Fans of The Hobbit book or movies will love living in this home. A French company based in the southwest of the Hautes-Pyrénées offers houses that are partially buried and do not require heating or air conditioning.

That’s it, you’re moving. But not just anywhere. Towards a NaturaDome home to live like a Hobbit. Because if this original semi-underground house reveals a semi-circular entrance, the rest of the construction is topped with a sort of green and landscaped layer which blends harmoniously into the surrounding environment.

Besides the aesthetic aspect of this architectural choice, it is also advantageous for insulation. The house does not need to be heated in winter because the earth insulates it from the cold. And in summer it stays cool thanks to evapotranspiration – the organic upper canopy breathes on its own.

This house was designed by Benoît Darré. In 2014, this former building contractor created this ecological house, which promises low energy consumption and is inexpensive to build. His company NaturaDream offers an entry-level house for € 1,385 per square meter (around RM6,812), which is lower than conventional constructions.

The house is fully modular in its interior and exterior fittings. The options include exterior cladding, grass covering the entire plot, a landscaped garden or even a spa bathroom, a hammam or an indoor swimming pool. You can even opt for a dome-shaped roof window, perfect for stargazing. – ETX Studio

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