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Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy begins with the announcement of the following: “This season, Grey’s Anatomy depicts a fictional post-pandemic world that represents our hopes for the future. Although it sounds like science fiction at this point, it’s really just a statement to get Grey’s away from COVID suits and masks – essentially the theme of the entire previous season – to the relationship hijinks that have always been the hallmark of this show. Meredith Gray survived COVID everyone (like she survives everything) so we can all move on.

Especially Meredith. She’s actually leaving her beloved Seattle this episode for Minnesota, to meet a dashing colleague of her mother’s (played by Peter Gallagher, who frankly should be in as many shows as possible at this point) who wants to woo her to direct a Parkinson’s disease research laboratory. It’s an annoying tease to throw what should be a momentous occasion for Grey’s, Celebrating the Show’s Impressive Longevity: We all know Meredith Gray isn’t about to leave Seattle. It’s possible, in theory, to try and set up a post-series life for Meredith Gray away from the hospital that bears her name, but since this season still has twenty or so episodes to go through, that doesn’t seem like much. likely. Even with McDreamy-like Scott Speedman, it was about a possible long-overdue love interest for Meredith (come on, none of those other guys ever came near, not even DeLuca).

But it looks like we’ll be spending some time watching Mere get torn between her house and possible new life this season. Meanwhile, this staging and spinning wheel episode just cuts through the i’s and sprinkles the dots of all the relationship developments highlighted in the Season 17 finale: Link and Amelia go their separate ways. Maggie and Winston return from their honeymoon. Teddy and Owen are finally getting married, even though the priest dying at the ceremony appears to be a true red flag of fate that should not be ignored. Jo finds life as a single mother extremely difficult. Riggs and Megan broke up because Riggs moved to Virgin River.

it would not be Grey’s Anatomy without a few patients who mimic one of our central relationships, and here it’s a couple trying to ride tandem bikes through the city’s Phoenix Fest (a real thing, apparently) and instead manage to kill the priest during Owen and Teddy’s initial ceremony this episode, and the two women reunite in the hospital. One of them tearfully explains that she suggested the bike ride to the festival in an unfortunate attempt to spice up the relationship, that she hated the fact that she and her partner were two people who just sat around despise. This was pretty much proof that Link and Amelia (well, Amelia, anyway) needed to hear to realize that no desire was going to make their relationship work. When you use your baby’s checkup as a marriage counseling session or sit down actively hating your partner, it’s definitely time to move on. And if you do not accept the truth and do so, someone risks being hurt – in this case, an elderly priest. Link and Amelia prove in this episode that they are still great partners at work or as parents, it still doesn’t mean that they will stay together forever. After all, in the world of Grey’s Anatomy, what is the probability of this?

Grey’s always has a huge choice to choose from, which explains the famous “is this program still on?” »Long story: in a cast with so many regulars, everyone should be able to spot someone to put down roots. But so many fan favorites are gone by this point – like Cristina Yang, Alex Karev and Jackson Avery, the last two of the most recent season – it’s hard to find someone to put down roots, unless your character is preferred not to be the one who shares the title of the series. Jo is irrepressible as usual this episode, as she struggles to find a balance between her demanding work life and her new role as a parent, and her pal Schmitt definitely has possibilities. Teddy and Owen’s nuptials may have had a rough start, but their forever happiness seems inevitable, they’ve been through so much to get to the point where they can actually be together. But few of the new cast members have made much of an impact, and as the ranks thin, new blood is desperately needed.

Fortunately, Kate Walsh’s Dr Addison Montgomery Returns will likely help spice up this season. Which is good news, because this premiere should have been a lot brighter, instead of just sorting out the details in a series of drab ways and sending Meredith on a wild goose hunt in the Midwest. This series has always been at its best when filming for the weird and the unexpected (remember the bomb? The flood? The capsized ferry?). This premiere only offered more of the same old Grey’s.

Stray observations

  • Is the place Meredith visited really called “The Clinic”?
  • “There’s independence, and then there’s whatever you want to upset the other person. Somehow, after that statement, Link still proposes to Amelia again.
  • Meredith was absolutely gorgeous at this business dinner.
  • By bringing back Scott Speedman, didn’t this show just close the Congratulated gap here? After Teddy married Scott Foley?
  • And it’s Grey’s Anatomy ‘Everyone s 18th season premiere. I don’t really have the strength to come back every week, but I will definitely continue to be careful and maybe come back if something really interesting happens. What did you think of the first one?

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