The finale of “Thrones” sparked an infamous outrage, but Bean is happy enough to know where the Stark children ended up.

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It’s been over two years since “Game of Thrones” ended airing on HBO, but Sean Bean is only now discovering the end of the story. The actor played Ned Stark during the first season of “Thrones,” and it was Ned’s shocking death in the season’s penultimate episode that first propelled “Thrones” to viral status. After Ned left the show, Bean stopped paying attention to “Thrones”. Cut to a recently published interview in The Times of London and Bean was finally able to find out how “Thrones” ended, and he’s quite happy about it from Stark’s perspective.

According to The Times (via The Playlist): “I have a silly question as to whether the end of ‘Game of Thrones’, when the introverted kingdom of the Starks split from the rest of the continent, had any parallels to Brexit. It’s wasted on Bean. As is the case in his own way, he didn’t follow the show after Ned had his head chopped off at the end of the first season. So he didn’t see the final episode? ‘No. What happened?’ Does he really want to know? He will surely watch it one day. “I will have forgotten by then, continues. I describe how Ned’s son becomes King of Westeros and his daughter becomes Queen of the North. “So did Winterfell stay apart?” Oh, good for them, ”he said with grandfather’s vagueness.

While Bean is interested in the characters he plays, he generally isn’t interested in the whole world-building franchise that accompanies Ned Stark in “Game of Thrones” or Boromir in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship. of the Ring “. Bean told The Times that Ned turned out to be a little easier with him as an actor than Boromir, if only because the former didn’t require him to have an education in everything related to Tolkien. .

“Yeah, it was a much more down to earth role,” Bean said, comparing Ned to Boromir. “In addition, we established that we would work on a similar accent to mine. [for Ned]. So that also gave it that extra weight.

Bean recently played a voice role in the acclaimed Apple TV + animated film “Wolfwalkers” and he joined the TNT adaptation of “Snowpiercer” in its second season as villainous Mr. Wilford. Visit the Times website to read Bean’s latest profile in full.

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