A new episode of an old and well-known saga. It’s Spiral: Saw and that on its first weekend in Spanish cinemas it was released as the biggest hit. According to data from ComScoreFilms, still provisional, raised 267,226 euros during the first three days and with a very similar figure (just a little below) to those who have obtained, in recent weeks, the three reruns of the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings of Peter Jackson. For example, 280,157 euros made The Return of the King the previous weekend.

The comedy directed by Fernando Colomo placeholder image Polyamory for beginners that was made with 106,194 euros. Although both reach the same number of screens, 357, Spiral: Saw was 749 euros, while that of Colomo’s film has remained to 297.

‘Spirited Away’Studio Ghibli

‘Abducted as if by magic’. And last weekend’s rerun was of the masterpiece of Hayao miyazaki, a jewel of the flame retardant anime and that on its return to our cinemas ranked third with 84,155 euros. It was reissued on 201 screens and its average gross was 419 euros.

The most veteran. It’s surprising to see yet another animated feature, Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon, remain among the top ten highest-grossing companies (and given that in its early days it didn’t garner a particularly box office. notable). Last weekend in fifth place and 72,897 euros, meaning an increase of 104 percent compared to the previous week. In total, he’s been on the billboard for twelve weeks.

The success of “The Lord of the Rings”. In its second weekend of its rebirth, The Return of the King was the tenth biggest hit and accumulates more than 480 thousand euros. The Fellowship of the Ring amassed 529,000 in three and a half weeks, and both rounds 467,000 in two and a half weeks. The three total, so far, nearly 270,000 tickets sold.

The 10 Biggest Profits in Spain (May 21-23)

‘Spiral’: Saw’DeAPlaneta

1 – Spiral: saw. 267,484 euros and 40,768 viewers in three days.

of them – Polyamory for beginners. 106,194 euros and 16,584 viewers in three days.

3 – Spirited Away (rep.). 84,155 euros and 13,537 spectators.

4 – The oblivion that we will be. 79,802 euros (and in 17 days cumulates 504,961 euros and 84,738 viewers).

5 – Raya and the last dragon. 72,897 euros (and in 80 days, 1,598,757 euros and 270,844 viewers).

6 – Godzilla vs. Kong. 58,225 euros (and in 59 days, 6,050,773 euros and 957,837 viewers).

7 – This body looks like death to me. 58,060 euros (and in ten days, 198,894 euros and 32,394 viewers).

8 – Tom and Jerry. 54,791 euros (and in 59 days, 2,375,965 euros and 399,441 viewers).

9 – Nobody. 53,812 euros (and in 24 days, 659,219 euros and 106,178 viewers).

ten- The return of the king (rep.). 51,755 euros (and in ten days, 480,630 euros and 87,294 viewers).

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