September 22, 2022

Russians are 82% more likely to order cleaning

MOSCOW, February 4. /Then 24/. The demand for home cleaning has increased by 82% in 2021. This is reported in the results of the analysis of the service to attract orders for the services of “Avito Services”.

“Demand for cleaning services across the country has increased 82% year over year. The demand for ironing over the past year across the country has increased 4.5 times. The greatest growth in demand during the year was recorded in Izhevsk (11 times), Tver ( 4.5 times), St. Petersburg (4 times), Perm (3.5 times) and Omsk (3 times), but residents of Kursk have preferred to iron their own clothes (where demand has fallen by 99% in 2021). and Irkutsk (-57%). The average price in the country over the past year has increased by 43% and amounted to 400 rubles per kilogram of clothes. in total – to residents of Tyumen (from 100 rubles per kg),” the study says.

Garbage removal was also at the top of cleaning services – demand doubled in 2021. Most often the service was ordered in Kemerovo (+140%), Irkutsk (+126%), Kirov (+125% ), Krasnoyarsk (+119%) and Astrakhan (+110%). Slightly less in demand was the garbage collection service in the southern regions of our country: Naberezhnye Chelny (+60%), Krasnodar (+65%) and Rostov-on-Don (+66%). The price was highly dependent on the type and amount of waste. If it is simple household waste, the average cost starts from 250 rubles per kilogram. If it was necessary to remove non-working equipment, waste paper or old interior items, we had to pay another 300-400 rubles.

Furniture cleaning

In addition, over the past year, Russians began to order cleaning of upholstered furniture more often (+59%). The trend of recent years is towards conscious consumption. Therefore, in order not to buy new furniture, the Russians preferred to update the old one, giving it to dry cleaners. In Tver and Kursk, the dynamics of the demand for furniture cleaning in 2021 was the highest – an increase of 125% and 108%, respectively. And last year, residents of Rostov-on-Don and Tolyatti updated their old furniture less frequently than residents of other cities, so demand there increased by 22%.

The price for processing one square meter of furniture in Russia increased by 25% and started on average from 250 rubles. In Kirov, St. Petersburg and Tver – from 500 rubles, and in Barnaul and Astrakhan – from 100 rubles. However, it should be noted that the exact cost will depend on the area of ​​the furniture, the materials from which it is made and its general condition. For example, refreshing a kitchen area will cost much less than fixing an old sofa in the living room.

“Cleaning always takes time and effort, which is why many have delegated this task to specialists. After several waves of confinement, people began to pay more attention to order in the house. In addition, the volume of these services has also increased – cleaning has become more accessible to more people. specialists on the platform is at least 3 years old. On “Avito Services”, masters can also confirm their identity by passing a free verification by passport or driver’s license. Then a special “Verified Documents” badge will appear in the profile. This is an additional guarantee of good faith, which will help to find a suitable specialist,” says Ivan Chulkov, head of marketing projects at Avito Services.

The top 10 cleaning services most demanded by Russians also included general cleaning (over the year the demand increased by 57%), cleaning after repairs (+55%), simple cleaning (+ 55%), carpet cleaning (+54%) and window cleaning (+49%). Some owners are ready to do simple cleaning on their own, but often time is lacking for a long time. Avito Services experts note that the cost strongly depends on the area of ​​​​the apartment and the type of cleaning (“maintenance”, “general”, “after repair”). But the average price in the country starts from 600 rubles per room.