November 25, 2022

Preparation for Eid: cleaning the house during Ramadan

As Ramadan draws to a close and we look forward to Eid, our homes obviously deserve some attention. Photo: Sazzad Ibn Sayed


Here are some tips to properly clean our homes before the arrival of Eid.

As Ramadan draws to a close and we look forward to Eid, our homes obviously deserve some attention. Photo: Sazzad Ibn Sayed

Fasting and the hottest, wettest season of the year equals a terrible combination for a home upgrade. But, as Ramadan draws to a close and we look forward to Eid, our homes obviously deserve some attention.

Top cleaning
The first thing about any good home is cleanliness. The fanciest furniture and the best gadgets will go unnoticed if cobwebs can be spotted. So take a day to make sure every inch of the house is internet free before moving on.

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Target all fabrics
These include curtains, linens, linens and all upholstery. Collect them all and send them to your local laundry to take care of the dirty and tough business for you.

Replace all old and half-used items with new ones, such as a new roll of toilet paper. New soaps, towels and maybe even candles if you have the time; and don’t forget to take the trash out of the bathroom. Also polish tiles, sinks and showers, as grout always seems to build up.

The mighty kitchen
Although the kitchen does not take up too much space, it is one of the most difficult to clean. Start by cleaning the oven, hobs and burners, as well as any areas that may have oily messes. Organize your pantry, this will allow you to throw out expired items and help you see if you need extra condiments as well. Follow up with a disinfectant to clean all tiles, counters and sinks.

Over time, these can gather a lot of dust and make your lights dim. Grab a high stool and take 30 minutes to wipe down all the light fixtures in the house. Remember to clean the fans while you’re at it, as these are too high and accumulate tons of dust.

living spaces
Fluff up all your pillows and leave them out in the sun for a while to make them feel brand new. For your mattresses and sofa cushions, just turn them over and they will feel and look just as good.

wipe them all
The very last thing you should do is to thoroughly clean all surfaces, be it wall light fixtures, cabinets, table tops or doors. Every inch collects dust, and it’s only after cleaning them all that you realize how dirty they were.

Throw in some distractors
Scent diffusers can be great distractions and having one in your living space can ensure that guests will ignore small messes, if any. The same goes for candles, which draw attention to themselves, so place them only in tidy spaces.

When we are in a hurry
If you’re running out of time, don’t hit all the areas as it will just cause a bigger mess. Leave out items that require heavy organization, such as the pantry, drawers, or shelves. Instead, target the places customers are more likely to see when they arrive at a particular order.
Clean up the entrance to the house so that there is no bad first impression upon entering.
Clean all the mirrors because almost everyone stops to take a second look here.
Clean the bathroom and all sinks in the house, as well as restock all products such as towels, soaps, etc.
Vacuum all upholstery and turn cushions.
Start by tidying up all the living areas, as these are the spaces where guests usually hang out.
Make your beds, as this can give the impression of a tidy room even if the rest of the room is not.
Wipe down all visible areas and mop floors.
These are the basics of keeping a clean house when you’re in a hurry. While there’s a lot more to clean up, it’s the minimum that will make any home look organized and welcoming, two things we all love.