The enthusiasts of the Company will mark today (Saturday) the relaunch of the hunt for new housing with a public appeal in the city center.

Volunteers will be in Cathedral Square from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. speaking to the public and handing out flyers in hopes of finding a 1.25 acre site that can accommodate the group’s miniature train and its many visitors from the general public.

The Company began looking for a new home 10 years ago after moving out of the Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice grounds after 28 years due to redevelopment.

After failing to find alternative housing despite initial optimism, the search shifted to the sidings.

But now, on the 10th anniversary of her passing, the Society has gained new momentum and has relaunched research.

A spokesperson said: “If anyone knows of a site that might be suitable, please let us know.”

The criteria are that the site must be within 15 minutes of downtown and must have three quarters of an acre for the track plus half an acre for up to 50 cars. It should also be reasonably flat with access to running water.

The spokesperson said, “Vehicle parking for club members and visitors should be off-road and within the venue area.

“Good access to the highway will be essential when it comes to applying for a building permit. “

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