Smith was not afraid to offer his thoughts on the game of Cam Newton.

Carolina Panthers Legend Steve smith spoke very eloquently about the current state of the team. To begin with, let me say that I really like it. He is not afraid to speak his mind and is generally precise in his opinions. This time he criticized the play of quarterback Cam Newton.

In particular, he noted on the Garcia and Bailey Show Monday that Newton’s footwork has been sloppy lately. Of course, his injured shoulder certainly doesn’t help matters, but if a quarterback has sloppy footwork, that’s the recipe for disaster. For the record, I agree with his assessment here. Several times I have noticed that Newton has incorrect timing with his throws. This ruins things for the receivers of course and from there the game explodes.

“Everyone is saying ‘his shoulder is the reason he knocked down a six-foot-five wide receiver.’ No: his footwork was the reason he knocked down a six-foot-five wide receiver, ”Smith said. “His footwork was the reason (he missed Jarius wright, which was open in the end zone. Or the shoulder throw he threw at a million miles an hour Curtis Samuel. Footwork.

“It has nothing to do with pain. Is (his shoulder) painful? Absolutely. … But just by watching the game, a knocked down ball is like a missed pass. There are some things you can correct, and then there are some things the opponent (which) causes you (to make a mistake).

Smith’s comments are very interesting here. On the one hand, Newton makes mistakes that can be corrected. He can do this by watching a movie, working more on his technique, and training. I understand this is easier said than done. Sometimes players do things in the middle of a room, and they don’t even realize they’re doing them. Maybe Cam Newton realizes he’s doing them and just doesn’t feel comfortable in his pocket right now. If so, this is something the Panthers need to sort out immediately.

Either way, the offensive looked slow and sluggish on Sunday. There were too many missed reads and too many mental errors. They need to clean that up if they are to have any chance of losing their playoff hopes. Against the Saints on Monday, the Panthers have to be perfect. It is a team against which we cannot make mistakes. If you do, you could have a long day. Carolina must be able to face them offensively. So far in the last two games they have struggled. Newton has been one of the highlights of the offense, but there’s no denying that they have some issues on this side of the game.

We’ll see what Cam Newton and company are made of on Monday. It’s a must-see match not only to save their season, but to show the rest of the country that they can still be considered a contending football team. Fighting in this case means they can be considered among the best in the National Football League. This year, it looks like they won’t be fighting for a Super Bowl anytime soon. However, a victory on Monday could be a nice cornerstone for next season.

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