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Amazon’s long-awaited TV series based on The Lord of the Rings is already receiving a backlash for possible nudity.

It’s not uncommon for TV productions to throw a bit of nudity into the fantasy genre, just think back to Game of thrones for that. However, JRR Tolkien fans are calling on showrunners not to do so in the highly anticipated Amazon Prime series.

We don’t know much about the series yet; it’s set to premiere this year, but so far we’ve only met a handful of actors and learned that the series will focus on fighting evil in Middle-earth. Nonetheless, the prospect of nudity shocked fans.

The Lord of the Rings (Amazon Prime)Amazon prime

A petition opposing nudity in the next round has so far garnered more than 35,000 signatures. This petition was created after a list of jobs for the project detailed a need for comfort and privacy.

Amazon Prime has an upcoming Lord of the Rings series ahead of the trilogy. They hired “intimacy coaches” and asked that the actors be comfortable doing nude scenes in the castings. Tolkien’s work is truly sane and filled with incredible Christian symbolism. He was a devout Catholic and his memory need not be marred with gratuitous nudity or even nudity at all. For the most part, Tolkien’s designs have always been FAMILY-friendly… KEEP THIS SO.

Many echoed the original sentiment of the petition as it nears its goal of 50,000 signatures. One person noted: “It’s disgusting, it’s not Game of thrones and is a huge disservice to Tolkien.

Interestingly, the petition has been in place for four months but has seen its popularity increase in recent weeks. Amazon Prime has yet to respond to the possibility of nudity in the next series.

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