While a few people have just learned about the benefits of OnlyFans from this Beyoncé line on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” remix, anyone who wisely and commendably adheres to the practice of paying creators because the adult content they consume is no stranger to the site.

While the site isn’t just for adult content creation professionals, it’s certainly its most popular area of ​​interest. And in the last episode of Complex world, we examine how sex workers have continued to empower themselves and strengthen the sector by turning to OnlyFans during the COVID-19[feminine ère.

La discussion qui suit comprend les commentaires de @thechocolatedomme_, spécialisé dans la domination financière, et pornographe créatif indépendant @vextape. Dr Amanda Gesselman, Directrice associée de la recherche au Kinsey Institute, se joint également à l’animatrice Natasha Martinez pour l’épisode.

“[Sexual gratification] is actually not the whole story, “said Dr. Gesselman.” In our own study … we found that among people who visit adult cam sites, around 30% said they had felt a personal connection with a webcam model [and] that they felt some kind of emotional or personal connection. ”

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