November 25, 2022

Nominate a loved one for a free house cleaning with Cleaning for a Reason

How to support friends and family affected by illness or injury

When a loved one’s life is suddenly affected by a serious illness or injury, all we want to do is make things better.

Since 2015, Jeannie Cleaning owners Jeannie and Terry Henderson have provided exceptional professional cleaning services to the greater Kalamazoo community.

Jeannie Henderson explains:

"When you don’t know what to do to help someone going through a health challenge, the best option is to give tangible support without being asked."

There are countless ways to support a friend or family member; Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Text them when you’re at the store asking them what you can buy for them
  • Take them out for a movie, coffee, lunch or just a walk on a nice day
  • Accompany them to their treatments and other appointments
  • Offer a subscription to a magazine or a good book
  • Send cards, texts or emails to let them know you’re thinking of them
  • Offer to babysit their children or pets
  • Send a silly joke or a photo
  • Provide a cozy blanket or sweater to keep them warm during treatments
  • Stop to visit whenever they want

In their commitment to improving the lives of local families, in 2017 they partnered with an international non-profit organization, clean for a reason.

Clean for a reason with Jeannie Cleaning

Cleaning For A Reason connects to over 1,200 housekeeper services across the United States and Canada, providing free house cleaning services to families battling cancer.

House cleaning services can provide much-needed relief for people undergoing cancer treatment:

"It’s so overwhelming to have cancer...There are so many appointments, I hate feeling needy, but you need a lot of help. Anyone who’s had cancer knows there are so many things you need help with and for me cleaning was a big one. I just finished my last chemo praise God!! and I’m getting ready to do radiation." 
-Allie B

Jeannie Cleaning will host their fourth annual “Cancer Cleanup Week” October 11-15, 2021in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Read on to see how you nominate someone for free cleaning and support this important cause!

3 ways to support cleaning for a reason

Each year, Cleaning for a Reason is successful thanks to the people who support it. There are three ways to participate in this fantastic cause:

1 – Nominate

If someone you know is currently receiving cancer treatment and lives in the United States or Canada, please appoint them to have their house cleaned by a Cleaning for a Reason partner. Residents of the Kalamazoo area will be connected with Jeannie Cleaning for services. Any adult or child in active cancer treatment is eligible.

You can complete the application for yourself or on behalf of a friend or family member.

What does free cleaning involve?
The household includes the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. All rooms will be dusted and cleaned, including furniture, light fixtures and floors.

2 – Sponsor

Support the Cleaning for a Reason mission by becoming a sponsor. Email Jeannie Cleaning to find out more.

3 – Donate

You can help more cleanse for a reason to give the gift of cleanse to more cancer patients. Each cleaning improves the lives of families in times of need.

Jeannie Cleaning has pledged to raise/donate $10,000 this year to reach more patients and cleaning service providers.

Donate to support the families of Cleaning for a Reason.

Jeannie Cleaning Gift Cards

You don’t have to wait for an event like Cleaning For A Reason to brighten someone’s day!

Consider a gift card for housekeeping or organization service by Jeannie Cleaning. BONUS: Get one hour of organization free when you buy three!

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