Lord of the Rings Online is moving quickly to The fate of Gundabad, and the release of the Brawler class on October 13. After releasing a teaser this week showing the Brawler in action, Standing Stone Games has given details on what to expect from the new melee class.

From the original teaser, it was clear that there was more to the new class than just a hard-hitting fighter. While the Brawler is a melee class and uses heavy armor and gauntlets, the nuanced flexibility seems to be there. They’re damage dealers, of course, but they can also handle tank removal and a hint of support. A brawler seems to be able to complete some teams very well.

They will use Mettle, a combat resource that they can use to increase the power of attacks and also to use more powerful abilities. Combat Flow works with Mettle to increase damage for each point of Mettle a brawler has. Strategic use of your resources could lead to very powerful strikes.

Inspiration for the new class came from Helm Hammerhand, who fought unarmed in a siege of Helm’s Deep. Almost all races can be brawlers, with the exception of Beornings. Although your Brawler will not fight hand-to-hand. They will use combat gauntlets and are the only class capable of wielding them. This new item is classified as a two handed weapon. Both of your hands as a brawler will be busy, as these weapons will help you hit, slam, throw things, and even kick your enemies. You will find more of these combat gauntlets as you level up.

When it comes to trees and skills, Brawlers can work to specialize in The Fulcrum, which is more of a support tree, including defensive skills, as well as buffs and debuffs. The Maelstrom is on the other side with the traits of a hard-hitting battle awaiting you. Increase your crit chance, improve your Mettle gain rate, increase your damage and more on this side. There is also a special tree to complement the other two. Put points in The Fundament for increased Mettle generation, increased targeting for AoE skills, and more.

For the full rundown of the Brawler, which releases on October 13 and will be available to everyone with a pre-order of Fate of Gundabad (and for points next May), visit the LOTRO announcement.

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