Shadow and boneNetflix’s arrival on Netflix on Friday, April 23, 2021 heralded a fantastic new universe that fans get lost in. Known as the Grishaverse, this dramatization of Leigh Bardugo’s world of Ravka is as complex as Westeros or Middle-earth. But with just eight episodes in the first season, fans might feel like they don’t get a full account of all of the different regions of Alina’s home continent. This is where Netflix is Shadow and bone the virtual experience kicks in. This immersive website allows fans to immerse themselves in all the people, places and things found in Alina’s world.

Fantastic worlds are famous for their maps. JRR Tolkien once said that he started with the map when Middle-earth was created. Game of thronesThe calling card was his opening credit sequence, where the camera flew from town to town to help orient viewers to where the show was focused that particular season.

But Netflix doesn’t like opening credits (in fact, that makes them deliberately skippable). And, unlike books, TV shows don’t have a front page just inside the cover that fans can go back to and study while they watch. This is where the new Netflix Shadow and bone The interactive site kicks in. From maps that show the locations of all of the show’s critical moments to quizzes that teach Ravkan and Crow culture, fans can learn all there is to know about the Grishaverse.


Once fans click, they can find out where they fit in with the Ravens, who they would be in the Ravkan army if they signed up to follow Mal, and of course, create their own Grisha avatar to display their powers. . (Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any instructions on how to assign her Kefta coat. It’s a good thing cosplayers have already worked on this.)

But that’s just the tip of the Grishaverse site. If fans keep clicking, they will eventually receive a “Special Invitation”. This link is a registration to be part of Shadow and boneVirtual party, attended by the cast, including Alina herself, Jessie Mei Li. Archie Renaux (Mal), Ben Barnes (General Kirigan) and the Three Ravens – Freddy Carter, Amita Suman and Kit Young – will also be in attendance.

The party is May 8, 2021 at 10 a.m. PT on Zoom, so mark those calendars. The eight episodes of Shadow and boneThe first season is now streaming on Netflix.

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