September 22, 2022

M’sians who hate cleaning the house are in awe of this 3-in-1 wet and dry vacuum cleaner and scrubber!

If there’s one thing no Malaysian can deny, it’s that modern technology is constantly making our lives easier! Every update memang always better every time, and we are so happy to live in a time when even housekeeping can be SO senang! More time for #self-love and chillax~ 🥰

When we finally finish cleaning!

Can you imagine that even vacuum cleaners have improved so much??? Well, we don’t have to imagine anymore, with the brand new Dibea Diamond DC22 3 in 1 Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Washer!

Dibeadc22 Charge 2 Buttons

“Wow! 3 in 1?! Are you sure he will clean my house properly or not?!” 🧐

Of course, as the old saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth can? Thus, the new flagship model of Dibea Actually bring good innovations to the household table? 👀 Joe discover and read our first impression of the Dibea Diamond DC22!

1. Vacuum, wash or wipe down, OR better yet, all at the same time!

Dibeadc22 vacuum cleaner

Who said 3-in-1 was only for coffee or chocolate malt drinks? Tbhwe prefer CE 3-in-1, because the Dibea Diamond DC22 – Dibea’s very first series of floor washers – makes cleaning SO senang!

No matter what type of cleaning you need to do, you can choose between two modes designed for every situation:

  • Standard cleaning mode: For normal dry vacuuming as usual for picking up fine dust and normal dust particles, without water injection
  • Deep cleaning mode: Thorough floor cleaning by simultaneously mopping and vacuuming, with water injection – the deepest cleaning ever with every pass!

Dibeadc22 Slide

In addition, the Dibea Diamond DC22 deep cleaning mode delivered with TWO additional modes (modes-ception! 🤯) which allow you to adjust the levels of water displacement!

  • Low displacement mode:
    • Designed for general vacuuming with wet cleaning
    • Ideal for normal stains and spills (i.e. milk, plain water, normal spills)
  • High displacement mode:
    • Increased water injection and suction power for more intensive cleaning
    • Perfect for cleaning specific messes (i.e. oats, cereals, soy sauce, raw eggs)

Dibeadc22 Buttons
Three buttons (on/off, water dispenser and self-cleaning), many ways to clean!

Better yet, using tap water is sufficient for thorough wet cleaning! But if you need to clean up specific liquid spills, we recommend using a low or no foaming (non-foaming) cleaning solution for the most complete cleaning experience ever!

so specific can? No need to susah sini and san for multi-surface cleaner and cloth before vacuuming!

And how can we forget to mention that the Dibea Diamond DC22 has a superb friction force? We can’t believe he can clean with up to 2,500 rubs per minute to get rid of stubborn dirt!

2. A smart vacuum at your fingertips

Dibeadc22 Led Blue Charge
LED screen to monitor your battery status, suction mode and fault prompt.

With all the Busuk the sticky mess will get sucked up, it’s a wonder the Dibea Diamond DC22 can still vacuum and clean without any issues!

This is because to avoid secondary pollution, it is equipped with ingenious dual tank technology for separate clean and dirty waterensuring you get the deepest clean possible without any odor or residue. So simple, yet so smart!

Dibeadc22 Reservoir
So innovative lah this dual tank technology!

Image by Iosss
Just add a capful of tap water or cleaning solution (non-foaming type) for maximum cleaning!

On top of that, this nifty feature also lets you clean for longer without refilling or cleaning tanks, made possible by the huge capacity of clean and dirty water tanks to 600 ml and 550 ml, respectively. This means you can kaw kaw deep cleaning for up to 30 minutesalso thanks to its long battery life!

Picture from Iosssss 2
So easy to fill!

Another feature of the Dibea Diamond DC22 that turned out to be our (arguably) favorite, is that it can actually SELF-CLEANING.

No, it doesn’t have a robot arm for showering, but you can washing multiple aspects of the rotating brush and nozzle with streamlined water flow at the push of a button! He can even automatic spin by himself – look ma, no hands!

We also recommend fill the tank with clean water before self-cleaning so that it is properly washed with a sufficient level of water.

3. Works, looks and moves like a vacuum cleaner genius

Loading Dibeadc22 Buttons

We love the Dibea Diamond DC22 not only for its smart and thoughtful features, but also for its sleek and clean sci-fi design – after all, we want jaga muka by also showing it with its beautiful look!

Its simple white main body paired with black outlines keeps it minimalist (so trendy!), but it’s the LED screen panel which takes the design of the cake. It’s not there for looks at allbecause it gives you real-time updates on its:

  • Suction mode
  • Battery status (when fully charged or needs to be recharged)
  • Fault message (if there is a blockage)

Dibeadc22 Green Led General Cleaning
Green means “go” for standard cleaning mode!

Apart from these, it even feels like a cleverly designed vacuum cleaner, with a exquisite ergonomic design it does it oh then mudah to slide on the floor. Moreover, he weighs only 3.7 kgso we didn’t feel like we were using our wrist muscles while vacuuming!

4. Be supported even after your purchase!

Dibeadc22 Pose

As great as the Dibea Diamond DC22 is, we are delighted to know that Dibea’s after-sales service is also excellent, not to mention that it is based right here in Malaysia! easy to kacau contact them like this. 😜 You also enjoy two-year local limited warranty against any manufacturing defect and benefit from the assistance of their own dedicated and friendly sales and after-sales service who are ready to serve you. So thoughtful ah!

Dibeadc22 Back

The time to improve your cleaning experience has arrived!

Dibeadc22 Complete

If you’ve bought cheap vacuum cleaners (it’s okay, we admit we are too 😜) or if you haven’t upgraded yours in the last five years, we recommend that you take your vacuum cleaner to the next level with the Dibea Diamond DC22 3 in 1 Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Washer! And we speak from experience ah.

Joe! Head to Dibea’s Shopee page to get the vacuum you deserve, with the Dibea Diamond DC22 3 in 1 Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Washer!

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