The Lord of the Rings The franchise is one of the greatest of all time, bringing the world of Middle-earth to life with a trio of fantastic films. While the story is vast and the action is fantastic in these movies, it’s the actors themselves who really bring these characters to life. The attention to detail in the cast was superb which helped take their careers to new levels.

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The films saw the cast gain legions of fans for the popular franchise, but since then they have all continued to do other projects, which has helped them gain even more support. While not all of the cast members are on Instagram, the ones who are have gained some very good following. But who is the most popular?

ten Billy Boyd (199k subscribers)

As Pippin, Billy Boyd had one of the most important roles in cinema. As a member of the community itself, Pippin has a lot to do with the film, being part of some funny moments, as well as more emotional scenes later in the story.

Billy Boyd is a popular actor and avid musician, with some of his songs featured in this franchise as well. His singing is something he posts a lot on Instagram, which fans will appreciate.

9 Andy Serkis (240k subscribers)

Andy Serkis had one of the greatest performances in film history as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings franchise. Taking motion capture to new heights with his work, Serkis was able to push his physical performance to the extreme to make this role one to remember.

His Instagram account is one everyone should enjoy, with lots of videos and photos of his work being shared, in addition to some great comedic images, showing his great ability to entertain.

8 Sean Bean (266k subscribers)

Sean Bean is one of the most popular actors of The Lord of the Rings franchise, despite being actually only involved in one of the movies. Boromir is a character who brings both positivity and controversy, but he’s a formidable fighter.

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Sean’s Instagram is mainly used as a tool to promote the projects he has coming up, but there are also some funny moments. He also shares a lot of comedic imagery, which keeps fans entertained.

7 Dominic Monaghan (367k subscribers)

Dominic Monaghan is one of the four main Hobbits in the films, portraying Merry, who is someone who brings a lot of fun to the story. Although his character has some serious moments, he and Pippin are still fun to watch.

He often shares lots of funny pictures and videos, be it football or movies. He’s someone who pushes a lot of content when it comes to The Lord of the Rings, share older images that provide fans with fun return content.

6 Sean Astin (571k subscribers)

Sean Astin had one of the biggest roles in The Lord of the Rings, playing Samwise Gamgee. The loyal friend may not be one of the strongest or wisest fighters in people, but someone with great confidence and reliability, it is is why it is so popular.

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For this reason, it’s no surprise that Sean has one of the biggest followers of any actor in film. His Instagram feed is just as entertaining, which is what makes him so fun to follow.

5 Miranda Otto (1 million subscribers)

The Lord of the Rings The franchise doesn’t have too many female characters, overall, but one of the strongest is Eowyn, who is a formidable character. She is someone who can fight with the best of them, which sets her apart from the rest.

On Instagram, Miranda shares a range of images and videos, with a lot of content on set, with different photos of herself acting in many of the roles she has played since. LOTR movies.

4 Karl Urban (1.3 million subscribers)

Karl Urban has amassed a large number of followers on his Instagram account with a very fun feed to follow. Karl presents a lot of content about his films and his work on TV, but there are also a lot of funny travel photos, which makes his stream enjoyable.

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Karl’s work in The Lord of the Rings saw him play as Eomer, who was one of the greatest fighters in history. However, he is arguably best known for his involvement in the popular Amazon Prime series, The boys.

3 Sir Ian McKellen (2 million subscribers)

In the world of theater, few names are more respected than Sir Ian McKellen, having been part of fantastic films during his career. As Gandalf, Ian has been involved in some of the most important parts of the story, with the wizard having a huge role.

Her Instagram account is great, regularly sharing a veritable range of content. There is a lot of film-related content on his account, as well as footage of him working on stage. In addition, Ian adds a lot of funny memes about his characters, and promotes many charities he believes in, using his account for the greater good.

2 Liv Tyler (2.5 million subscribers)

Liv Tyler is one of the biggest names to have been a part of the franchise, taking on the role of Arwen. As Aragorn’s love interest, she’s a character who has a major role to play in the story, and Liv helped make the character truly compelling.

On Instagram, Liv has built a huge success, presenting a lot of content about her life, with lots of images and videos about her family life. She shares a lot of stuff on the page, and that makes the account so great.

1 Orlando Bloom (4.9 million subscribers)

Orlando Bloom has been fortunate enough to be a part of several major film franchises, with the two The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean build its fan base. Legolas representative in LOTR, Orlando has played an important role in the history of Middle-earth, with his bow and arrows firing an exciting part of the film.

On Instagram, Orlando is a regular poster, which is why he was able to accumulate nearly five million subscribers. He shares funny content from his personal life and on movie sets. Any dog ​​lover will also find Orlando’s tale a joy to follow, as he often shares content about his pets.

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