The real reason hobbits don't wear shoes is because there is old sand shaking the shoes.

For some reason the Italian people love themselves some The Lord of the Rings. Something in the air is guiding the nation’s people to such extraordinary fandom displays living like a hobbit while building a new version of the Shire or, in the case of the artist Léonard d’Ugolin, building complex versions of Middle-earth architecture out of sand.

Throughout the year Ugolini has posted YouTube videos of her work. He started with a model of Bilbo Baggins’ house in the Shire, which looks fantastic but feels a little less comfortable when you imagine how much sand would get into your clothes just trying to relax and enjoy a second breakfast.

He then moved on to the tower of mordor, which both looks great and features Ugolini as if he had strayed into the realm of evil and had to avoid the gaze of the Eye of Sauron.

And, finally, there is a sandy Mount Doom, which Ugolini ignites by throwing a ring so he can film himself destroying the nearby Mordor Tower and moving a paper bird while saying, “Thank you eagle, you saved my life.”

Each of these videos is narrated by Ugolini, who explains how to make your own versions of his Middle-earth sandcastles. Not everyone who watches these clips is a highly trained architect with Ugolini’s formative years under his belt, but his sweet voiceovers are worth listening to even if you don’t intend to. ‘use his instructions.

Ugolini YouTube “About” page explains that the artist grew up making sandcastles before becoming a professional architect who has spent “the last 30 years … mastering the art of making sand sculptures and organizing sand events ( sculpture) all over the world “. With these events canceled during the pandemic, Ugolini started doing his internet job, which is good because, hey, at least now we’ve seen these things before they got washed away in the rain.

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