M. Night Shyamalan’s hit Old woman is in theaters and appears to be beating some supposed summer blockbusters like Snake-eyes and Space jam, proving once again that critical but successful Shyamalan films still have a rabid fan base. The film comes to life with an eclectic and inventive mix of characters played by a variety of interesting and low-key actors.

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Many of these actors have featured prominently in huge films, while others continue to gradually climb to international recognition. Chances are, audiences have seen these actors before, although some may not remember which movie. Some of them are quite surprising when underlined.

ten Gael García Bernal (Guy)

Split image of Guy de Old and Gael García Bernal

Of Mexican descent, Gael García Bernal has appeared in a variety of movies and TV shows, but very few blockbusters. That might change now that he’s more recognized for playing the devoted Father Guy in Old woman. Bernal provided a memorable and likeable performance as the guy going through a divorce and doing his best to keep it hidden from his children.

Bernal recently starred in the Amazon Prime series Mozart in the jungle for four seasons, attracting him some attention in the process. He also starred alongside Amanda Seyfried in the Italian themed romantic comedy. Letters for Juliet where he plays Victor, a chef who spends more time in his restaurant than with his fiancée.

9 Vicky Krieps (Prisca)

Split image of Prisca de Old and Vicky Krieps

Actress Vicky Krieps was born in Luxembourg, and she has paid her dues in a variety of television and film roles, including the German crime series. Tatort, 2013 Mobius with Tim Roth, and 2017 Phantom thread, alongside Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis.

Old woman can be seen as a landmark role that will open doors in Hollywood, and there is already evidence of that. Krieps is set to star in two upcoming adaptations of the Three Musketeers novels alongside actors like Vincent Cassel and Eva Green.

8 Rufus Sewell (Charles)

Split image of Charles de Old and Rufus Sewell

Veteran actor Rufus Sewell is no stranger to fans, and he’s arguably the most recognizable in the entire cast thanks to his recent role as the infamous John Smith in The man in the high castle, one of Amazon’s scariest original series. He was the perfect choice to play a severely disturbed doctor who ends up losing his mind due to the stress that ensues.

Sewell has appeared in a variety of films, Smelly Like Gods of egypt to minor successes like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He also starred in classic hits like Dark City, The Legend of Zorro, and A knight’s tale, one of his most famous performances.

7 Alex Wolff (Trent, 15)

Split Image of Old Trent and Alex Wolff

The character of Trent goes from a young child to a young teenager in the span of a single day in Old woman, and it’s one of the film’s most surprising plot devices. It required a set of great actors to bring the character to life, including Alex Wolff, best known for playing the hapless Spencer in the recent Jumanji restart movies.

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Wolff has also appeared in TV shows like Monk and The group of naked brothers before migrating to cinema with appearances in Jonah Hill’s The Babysitter, My Fat Greek Wedding 2, and the surprise horror hit of 2018 Hereditary with Toni Collette.

6 Thomasin McKenzie (Maddox, 16)

Maddox split image of Old and Thomasin McKenzie

Young actress Thomasin McKenzie seems to have some star power to her, and that will certainly continue thanks to her good performance in Old woman. It is one of his most publicized films, but it is certainly not his first. McKenzie had her big luck in 2014 when she portrayed little Astrid in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

Since that time she has built her work with performances in television shows like Shortland Street and Cul De Sac before returning to cinematographic territory. She starred in movies like The king, lost daughters, and Leaves no trace, with Ben Foster.

5 Nikki Amuka-Bird (Patricia)

Split image of Patricia de Old and Nikki Amuka-bird

Nikki played Patricia, the psychologist who suffers from seizures in the film and becomes one of the mainstays of the story as the big reveal takes place at the end. Her performance is excellent, even though her character checks out too quickly in order to create an important connection in the tale.

Amuka-Bird is known for Doctor Who fans for a lead role in the 2017 episode “Twice Upon A Time”, the latest to feature Peter Capaldi as the tragic and tired Doctor. She also starred in television series Torchwood, MI-5, the classic horror movie remake The omen, and the critical pan The ancestry of Jupiter.

4 Abbey Lee (Chrystal)

Split image of Chrystal de Old and Abbey Lee

Of all the characters in Old woman, Chrystal is the most insufferable of the bunch. She’s shallow and conceited, which doesn’t bode well for her once the eerie beach effects start to take their toll. Actress Abbey Lee brings the character to life with an emotionally charged performance that unfortunately gets a bit silly at the end.

Most viewers wouldn’t recognize Lee for her role as The Dag, one of Immortan Joe’s five wives in the mega-hit. Mad Max: Fury Road, one of the best action movies in recent memory. She also starred in The Dark Tower, Outlaw, and 2016 Gods of Egypt, by his side Old woman co-starring Rufus Sewell.

3 Ken Leung (Jarin)

Split image of Jarin and Patricia de Old, and Ken Leung

Ken Leung is one of those versatile actors who seem to be able to blend into roles as they arise. He’s starred in thrillers, comedies, and action-adventure films, fitting the character perfectly every time. He’s also responsible for more fan light bulb moments than most actors thanks to the movies he’s been in.

Leung starred in the thriller Hannibal Lecter Red Dragon in 2002, more films like IA, seen, and Peak hour where he played the villainous Blood. He also played the mutant villain Kid Omega in X-Men: The Final Showdown. For a while, Leung migrated to television in shows like Law and order, The Sopranos, and Lost.

2 Emun Elliot (Adult Trent)

Split Image of Game of Thrones' Emun Elliot

Scottish actor Emun Elliot played adult man-child Trent in Old woman, and it was he who ended up saving the day by managing to keep him and his sister away from the danger of the surrounding beach. As an actor, Elliot still has a ways to go before gaining A-list status, but he’s got it all.

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He’s made appearances in everything from Ridley Scott’s Extraterrestrial prequel Prometheus, To Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Moreover, he starred in big movies like Exodus: Gods and Kings. One of his best-known roles is Marillion, a singer who makes the unfortunate mistake of writing a nasty song about King Robert, prompting Joffrey Baratheon to have his tongue cut off.

1 Embeth Davidtz (Adult Maddox)

Split Image of Emeth Davidtz from Schindler's List and the Army of Darkness

Actress Embeth Davidtz is no stranger to the acting circuit. She’s been around for a long time and her credits speak for themselves. She gained mainstream fame and recognition as the beautiful Sheila in Bruce Campbell’s ultra-cult classic. Army of Darkness back in 1992.

Then she starred in the iconic Steven Spielberg Schindler’s list like Helen, a young Jewish woman forced to endure the cruelty of Amon Goeth. Davidtz continued to star in everything from Thirteen Ghosts and The girl with the dragon tattoo to TV shows like Scrubs and Californication.

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