A Lord of the Rings Online Player on Evernight has leveled a Hobbit character to the level ceiling in the most Hobbit way possible: baking pies.

The character, aptly named Cookingwithsim, is on the Evernight server of Lord of the Rings Online, and decided to see if it was possible based on the responses to a post on the LotRO subreddit. The player took a Hobbit character and went up to 130 in 8 months using only Cooking XP, which isn’t much overall in the grand scheme of things. Every time you do something LotROcrafting, you gain a small amount of EXP.

According to Reddit, Cookingwithsim took 8 months to fully level a character to 130, baking pies throughout the journey. The player at the center of it, who passes Improbable_ gain4047 on Reddit responded to questions on the post as to why this was even done, stating that part of it was from just see if it was possible. As such, as they continued on the journey, their relatives gave them milestones to take, such as reaching level 100 on Christmas or a certain level before their relative’s birthday.

As for how it was done, especially once you consider how prohibitive buying ingredients out of the auction room can be, Cookingwithsim mentioned that they do all their farming, as well as ‘part of their personal wealth. “seed” money.

“I did my own farming, and started with 30g of seed money – see what I did there? – one of my alts. I did somewhere in the 2,000g area while doing this, but gave a lot to help my cash-strapped family mates. I was also selling pretty low on the AH, so if money had been my goal, I could potentially earn a much higher amount. It was always a question of challenge. , a lot of work but with my relatives encouraging me, I arrived within a reasonable time. It certainly helped to occupy the time during the lockdown! “

Until types of pies, initially it was Vegetable Medleys, although eventually the player switched to Nine Star Pies to get the most out of crafting XP. Either way, it’s definitely one of the more creative ways to hit the level cap, and it’s pretty meta considering the player was a Hobbit. Congratulations, Cookingwithsim!

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