It’s a dangerous matter to decide which Build-A-Bear from “Lord of the Rings” to pick up.


Build-A-Bear made one of the cutest business decisions ever and added The Lord of the Rings to their range of themed bears available for purchase. The company calls its new themed furry friends, “One Collection to Rule Them All!”:

According to the Build-A-Bear website, this range includes a the Lord of the Rings bear with the LOTR logo on its foot, as well as Gandalf and Frodo themed costumes which can be purchased separately if customers wish. The infamous “Sting” sword is also available, for those who wish to know when orcs are near. There is even a 7 inch Gollum doll which is surprisingly valuable.


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Another option is to buy the Frodo and Gandalf bears with their outfits complete with the option to “buy the set”. Build-A-Bear even has a 5 in 1 phrase option that can be included with your doll, which will include five phrases from the the Lord of the Rings movies at the touch of a button. Each set of recorded phrases features the most popular quotes spoken by the characters Frodo and Gandalf from Peter Jacksonthe film trilogy, which is based on the classic epic fantasy series of the same name by JRR Tolkien. Personally, I wouldn’t mind adding a bear that shouted “Fool of a Took!” ” at mine the Lord of the Rings collection.

There is no news yet if other characters in the franchise will be available to build in the future. The Lord of the Rings The Build-A-Bear line is an online exclusive and is available for purchase now. To verify The Lord of the Rings Build-A-Bear options below. Fly poor fools!

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